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Biography claims Margaret Thatcher thought Edward Heath was gay

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Reader comments

  1. I was under the impression that Heath’s sexuality was homosexual – and it was a well known secret.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2013, 12:50pm

      To digress, Thatcher’s alleged statement that she always thought he was ‘homosexual’ because he didn’t have a family, whatever that means, could in my view also be applied to catholic clergy. They are supposed to be celibate, having no family of course. Odd that nobody at the time ever conceived of saying such a thing. It was never questioned that celibacy was and is an unnatural act, brilliantly referred to by the conservative New Zealand MP Maurice Williamson last week during that glorious speech in support of equal marriage which went viral.

      1. Spanner1960 25 Apr 2013, 5:58pm

        I think the term “not having a family” was a guarded hint, nothing more. Much like the old term “bachelor” – it generally alludes to some underlying intent.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2013, 12:37pm

    I’m always astonished that people as recently as 2007 use the term ‘practising’ homosexual’, especially an MP. Do they ever say ‘practising heterosexual’? I wish someone would because it would highlight the ignorance and bigotry of the opposition. Sir Peter Tapsell ought to resign. Everytime he stands up to speak, he becomes more of the eccentric Tory fop he’s always been and an embarrassment to himself. I cringe every time he opens his mouth.

    1. A lot of anti-gay bigots are practising heterosexuals… allegedly (lol)

      1. barriejohn 25 Apr 2013, 3:25pm

        A lot of anti-gay bigots are practising HOMOSEXUALS!

    2. “Yeh my names bob and I’m a practising homosexual. Yeh I’m really proud of myself because I’ve got my homosexuality abilities pretty good now and I am in hope that soon I’ll be able to go pro!”

      Yeh pretty stupid!!

    3. I think it dates back to a time when people thought they were superlatively tolerant if they could cope with the idea of a homosexual man, provided he “didn’t do anything about it” and stayed the nice little neutered pussycat they could cope with.

      Patronising doesn’t even begin to describe it.

      1. True, and let us not forget that beyond the gay ghettos of Britain there are still heterosexual people who think they are superlatively tolerant in coping with homosexual men provided they “don’t refer to what they do” and they stay nice little neutered pussycats when in their company.

    4. It is possible to be a non-practicing (ie celibate) homosexual. Historically it wouldn’t have been uncommon, and I agree it’s still common among Catholic clergy, etc.

    5. Spanner1960 25 Apr 2013, 6:00pm

      Why? I am a non-practising homosexual.
      Being gay is a state of mind, nothing more.

      1. I think the issue is more why the element of practice has to be mentioned at all – it seldom is with non-gay people.

        1. And most people (gay and straight) are glad when it is not mentioned in relation to Anne Widdecombe.

  3. We all thought so in those days.
    Whats new?

  4. Yes, well, so did/do I if it comes to that. the only minsandrist idiocy here is that line “Women have more accurate instincts than we.”

  5. That Thatcher may have been meaning to discredit Heath by hinting that he was “a homosexual” shouldn’t surprise any of us. After all, Thatcher stood up in the House of Commons and openly and very loudly broadcast her absolute disgust that some teachers in some schools were assuring pupils that pupils who are gay have every right to be!

    Regarding Heath, surely someone has written a definitive biography of him which lays the facts of his private life bare?

    1. I think the most recent biography of him by Philip Ziegler concluded that it was most likely Heath was asexual. There appears to be no evidence at all that he was actively gay.

      1. You need to talk to the people who went to his private parties. I have and although I have not heard of any sexual encounters he certainly invited most of the gay scene and the acting fraternity, such as it was. I guess it is still anecdotal – but they say they were there.

  6. Officer Dribble 25 Apr 2013, 2:17pm

    What the hell is a ‘practicing homosexual’ anyway?

    From what I recall, it didn’t take much practice before I got it right…

  7. This is second had gossip basically, who cares, neither are with us now.

    1. My first thought was similar ” And this matters…Why?

      1. Oh, it can be exceedingly valuable and informative to us in the here and now to observe history and how the characters that moved within it behaved.

  8. Michael2912 25 Apr 2013, 3:10pm

    At least the term “self-confessed homosexual” has fallen into disuse. I neither know nor care whether TH was gay but it’ll be a long time before I stay calm when I hear what Thatcher thought about anything, not that she was known for doing much thinking; and as for the hideous Charles Moore…don’t get me started!

  9. Well, how surprising is that ? After 35 years in a homosexual relationship which is still ongoing, how can one say I am a practising homosexual, as Oscar Wilde once stated ‘with the practising I have done I should be the perfect homosexual’ .

  10. In the late 60’s Early 70’s i joined the Rockingham Club (London) on the recomendation understanding that it was good enough for Edward Heath to be a member – It has to be worth joining!
    The A&B accross the road was another famous club that many “Professionals” used.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2013, 4:30pm

      I remember both well, Michael. Spent many a happy hour at the A&B in particular, my regular watering hole. I always remember seeing older Tory types at the Rockingham, dressed in suits. I often wonder how many of them were MPs who voted against LGBT equality.

      1. Steady, Robert, you may be giving away a little too much information, perhaps? :-)

      2. Michael2912 26 Apr 2013, 4:04pm

        Just curious: what was the A & B Club?

        1. The Arts & Battledress – an upstairs bar – very busy – very mixed gay clientel – Geofrey was the Door-Person and had a variety of Hats and outfits he would wear. If you were down he would cheer you up – if you were happy he made things hilarious. In those days could afford to drink little – but entertained the whole evening.
          The Rockingham was upmarket -sedate – secretive but smart rental showing available.
          Gordon on the door was most discrete.

  11. If she did she certainly wasn’t the only one who thought so. Frankly it seems more likely to me that Heath was a discreet or even celibate homosexual than “married to his work” for 90 years. There ARE people who are basically asexual, but really which is statistically more common?

  12. Tapsell’s over 80 years of age. He’s the ‘Father of the House.’ Give the old codger a break. That’s the way most middle-class people were when he was growing up in the 40s; well-spoken and very proper. Resign? Just because you don’t like his attitude? Your skin really is paper-thin, Robert. You need to grow up. The old geezer will soon be departed, anyway. Isn’t that what a lot of the spiteful, hysterical queens who read PinkNews say about older people with abrasive opinions; “soon the old bigot will be dead hahaha!”

  13. Stephen Mole 25 Apr 2013, 7:42pm

    Didn’t EVERYONE think that Heath was gay?

    1. Yes; I would have thought it was bleedin’ obvious.
      And the point of this article is P.N…?


  14. Edward Heath was not a practising heterosexual anyway.

  15. I’m a “confirmed bachelor”, as you occasionally still read in obituaries — newspaper code for gay, though I have a husband (still unmarried in Australia) but expecting a change in the law any year soon!

  16. I’m definitely not getting enough practice!

    I’m always afraid of what you can and can’t say on FB these days, but there is stuff coming out in the current paedophile investigations in connection wtih Jimmy Saville and the yachting community based in Jersey.

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