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Video: Openly gay American football player hopes to join NFL ranks

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Reader comments

  1. Liam the God 24 Apr 2013, 12:26am

    Good luck to him.

  2. Truth is that none of the biblical passages that are used against us, none of them can I (as a gay man) relate to on a personal or spiritual level. Yet the story of young David and Johnathan does have all the base root components that a modern day gay relationship has. Customs of the time may be different but the root is still the same. This irrelevant of sexual contact itself not being mentioned. Jonathan’s father, King Saul, was always trying to murder David because of this relationship. Jonathan was the only viable heir to the throne of King Saul and their relationship was a direct threat to this.

  3. Christopher in Canada 24 Apr 2013, 2:34am

    Dear Jesus, Please let us win. We know that you have nothing better to do with mankind at the moment than help us win this game, so please, leave the poor and the hungry and the sick and the oppressed for a moment so we can play this important game. Thanks, The Team.


  4. Alan Gendreau, stated there has never been a gay NFL player! in reality I doubt that is true. He would be correct in the fact there has never been an “out” player!

    I wish him well! If he is as skilled and as talented, he deserves to be drafted and picked up by a high profile league team that can benefit from his ability. He’s chosen to be honest to himself and people in his life about being gay…. if he becomes a valuable player in a team what difference does it make? He will be able to enjoy his career, freedom, and won’t have to be deceptive and hide during his career until retirement like his predecessors.

    Good Luck Alan Gendreau!

  5. Great sports story. All the best to him!

  6. Nice calves!

    1. I also post as “Michael”. Should we toss a coin to decide which if us changes or we could both add to the name in some way?

    2. Oops – wrong place.

  7. Oh wow he is gorgeous…….

    1. Please see my misplaced response to the poster above. Cheers.

      1. Would probably be a good idea to prevent people thinking we are talking to ourselves lol. What would you suggest? Something like a number or place we live??? Open to anything you have in mind.

        1. My DOB is 29 December – how about me being Michael2912?

          Have a nice day.

          1. Michael126 24 Apr 2013, 2:18pm

            Mine is 12 June so I will be Michael 126


          2. Michael2912 24 Apr 2013, 7:56pm

            The reply stream is finite. Yes, agreed.

  8. Michael 2912 (formerly Michael) 24 Apr 2013, 8:02pm

    Great story and a really nice guy but no matter how we try we always seem to sound like we’re apologizing, even just a teeny bit, or special pleading in the sense of “I’m ok/good at this even though I’m gay and people don’t have a problem with that.”

    Let’s get robust. I love it that I’m gay. It gives me a special perspective on things. I would not choose to be any other way. I’m really bright and funny and successful and happy and living among some fantastic significant others AND I’m gay. Top that!

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