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Vatican newspaper: ‘Francois Hollande did not pay attention to French opposition to equal marriage’

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 24 Apr 2013, 11:41pm

    Yes he did ignore them didn’t he?


    1. Indeed!

      So one leader derives his (limited) power through a process called democracy, the other absolute authority direct from an imaginary man in a white robe.

      The one implements a policy founded in the principles of human rights and with the mandate of a significant majority of voters, the other spews out policies harmful to people’s health and well-being and largely ignored by his own following.

      Who’s listening?

  2. Chester666666 24 Apr 2013, 11:48pm

    So the one who is stepping down complains about violence when it was many of his religion and homophobes who incited it all in the first place? I don’t see why equality should be dictated by listening to the nay-sayers as they’ll more then likely never agree no matter what

    1. Frank Boulton 25 Apr 2013, 3:22pm

      The response of the Vatican and clerics is hardly surprising. It’s typical of the response of abusers and bullies, when their behaviour is questioned. “Look what YOU’ve made me do!” It just shows their lack of responsibility and ethics.

      1. How are your discussions going on the GayNZ forums, Frank?

  3. The violence that is taking place since the passage of SSM is directly due to the disgraceful and shameful behavior of the Roman Catholic hierarchy, particularly Pope Francis, who is shamefully silent. Why hasn’t he spoken out against the violence and immoral support of the RC church of the Manif Pour Tous in France? Is he a coward?

    1. The Catholic Church a coward !!?? Noooooooo……

  4. I am so sick of all these religious-terrorists. So it is OK that Bush bombed the talibans in Afghanistan, but it is not that a democratic, pacifist, egalitarianism-concerned president supports equality for all?

    This pope already called for people to engage in the war of god in Argentina (fortunately nobody gave any credit to his stupidity) and he is still trying to get the world in the same religious wars and massacres of the Middle Age.

    May he burn on this planet soon, since I don’t beleive there is another dimension where he would.

  5. It is not quite correct to say that the next step is the President’s signature. In this case, some legislators will ask for the law to be checked by the Constitutional Council, which has the power to veto the law before it goes to the President. It is expected that the Council will approve the law and that this step will take about a month, which is built into the prediction that the first weddings would start around June 8.

    1. A month!????

      Bloody hell! A LOT can be done in a month and I bet the deluded homophobic religious lunatics of France know it!

      I suspect there’s going to be further episodes of this particular drama series from France!

  6. And the Catholic Church does not pay attention to the fact that we are already in the 21th century, not in the Middle Ages, and the outdated values of the Christianity and of the Bible mean absolutely nothing to a secular state anymore. The Vatican missed a great opportunity to keep its mouth shut.

  7. Colin (London) 25 Apr 2013, 1:38am

    Yes catholic church you are irrelevant on todays world stage. The world wants to be more inclusive.

    We will leave you to your men in pretty pink dresses.

  8. Michael Heynz 25 Apr 2013, 2:29am

    Meanwhile, the Vatican not only IGNORED the Voices of its Child Victims, they actively kept it quiet, while raping and pounding innocent children in their various orifices. Maybe the Vatican needs to shut it’s f***ing orifice.

    1. I accidentally reported this sorry.

      1. Well-confessed, Joss! I ought to take inspiration from your admission and immediately confess when I have accidentally given a comment a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down and have immediately wanted to kick myself for having done so!

  9. Actually (there’s that word again), the Vatican is quite wrong in this case (are they ever right?): François Hollande listened to the MINORITY of Frenchmen who were against equality for all, and sided with the MAJORITY who believe in equality for all.

    That is, as far as I remember from civics classes in school, how a democracy works. Of course, I don’t expect anyone at the Vatican to understand how democracy works.

  10. I don’t know of a single politician who doesn’t “pay attention” to where the votes are, and doesn’t know how many there are on each side.

    Are these people so disdainful of democratic procedure, or so ignorant of it, that when they are outvoted, they believe they can cry “Foul”?

  11. No acknowledgement of their role in the violence then. Nor any condemnation of said violence. What a shock.

  12. No, he chose not to pay attention to terrorists who threatening to kill people because two men have a document that say they are married in the eyes of the SECULAR non-religous law that is the non-religious government. He chose to pay attention the the people who him into office knowing that he was going to pass this law which he campaigned on. Lastly, since the pedophile protecting and Nazi enabling Vatican does not pay taxes to the French government and this law only applies to LGBT tax payers this is of no concern to them. Then need to MTOB. They have no say in the matter and neither do anti-gay bigoted barbarian terrorists.

  13. There weren’t “many voices in opposition to same sex marriage” there were many thoughtless and robotic regurgitators of the Vatican’s opposition to same sex marriage.
    Hollande was right to discount them.

  14. Har Davids 25 Apr 2013, 7:19am

    The Euro is going down the drain, there’ massive unemployment and these people make a fuss about equal marriage! So much time is wasted on this piece of legislature, which should have been law years ago. As marriage doesn’t always make people happier, the homophobes should be happy about some the gays joining their ranks.

  15. If the catholic hierarchy and Vatican Inc. continue to meddle in the internal affairs of sovereign states, their representatives should be made to leave, for good, manu military. This new Inquisition must cease.

  16. How fitting for a democratic, representative, open institution like the Catholic church to lecture the French government on listening to the public. Good thing all those ordinary Catholic believers voted for Pope Francis and his “bus-riding traditionalism” manifesto.

    Hang on…

  17. “Francois Hollande did not pay attention to French opposition”

    And he was right.

  18. Well of course the Osservatore Romano was going to crow over the violence in France and interpret it as the voice of the ‘common man’ (something the RCC isn’t usually too interested in listening to). It would be more shocking if it actually reported something even slightly pro-gay or pro-equality.

  19. Because the Vatican certainly listens to the many voices in favour of marriage equality, i.e. the majority. Didn’t everyone in the French Govt get a chance to vote? Weren’t opposition marches allowed?

  20. Because the Vatican certainly listens to those in favour of marriage equality, i.e. the majority. What a lot of bollox spews from the catholic church.

  21. I’ve come to PinkNews this morning expecting to see a report on continuing outrage in France regarding the passing of their same-sex marriage bill, because late last night on “France 24” I was gobsmacked to witness a heated debate between four French figures regarding the matter.

    The interviewed showed that the French are STILL tremendously het up about it.

    And what was also galling was that the young dolly-bird English female (undoubtedly a heterosexual) who was chairing the debate was transparently egging on the two who were vehemently opposed to same-sex marriage.

    She kept repeating “But there’s millions, aren’t there, who have made it clear to Monseiur Hollande that they don’t want this bill!”

    1. So the French have their own version of “Fox News”?

      1. Mikey, some of the debates on France 24 are superb. And some of the interviews are more penetrating and revealing than those of the BBC’s Newsnight.

  22. And he should have because …….?

  23. So the Catholic Church is again critical of the democratic process, while it remains silent on the violence a lot of it’s supporters have carried out. Typical!

    They know that they are fighting a losing battle now that 2 more countries (New Zealand & France) have legalised same sex marriage in a week

  24. PeterinSydney 25 Apr 2013, 10:53am

    Well done Mr Hollande, You rightly ignored the violent homophobes of the Catholic Bishops, Frigid Looney and her mad followers, and above all the violence inciting Cardinal of gay – Paris. He stood for freedom and equality. This is something these opponents could never understand.

  25. … and in a democracy (a concept the vatican totally rejects) the elected represetatives do what they believe is right. No doubt, if the vatican had its way, ‘heretics’ would still be being burned at the stake. Well, those days are gone. We’re all a little more ‘wordly’ and we don’t take kindly anymore to being controlled by men in posh frocks and silly hats.

  26. There’s no law which would have 100% public support. There will always be those in favour and those against. But does this mean no law should be passed ever? So why do we have parliamentary democracy for?? Or maybe we should listen to poor racists and KKK who want inequality for black people? Think again Vatican!!

  27. Dear Vatican,

    Please look up laïcité.

    If you can’t be bothered, it is essentially defined as “French people don’t want religion interfering with their government.”

  28. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Apr 2013, 12:44pm

    The Vatican’s spurious claim is based on facts? The number of people who took to the streets in opposition, as large as they seemed and spun out of orbit by the right wing media didn’t even make a dent when you consider there are over 65 million people in France. There weren’t exactly millions demonstrating were there? They were nothing more than religious nutters doing the catholic cult’s bidding and for that, it should be held accountable for the violence. This paedophile supporting cult should get it’s own filthy house in order. Until then, it will remain the morally bankrupt cult that it’s always been and continue to be.

  29. Just as the Catholic Church ignored the many many cries of those who suffered sexual abuse by its clerics!! Mote and beam!!!!

  30. And to think there are gay men who think of themselves as catholics. They must be very confused individuals.

  31. Xavier Bongibault 25 Apr 2013, 4:43pm

    “And not only by Catholics”. Very true. Its maybe the biggest illusion by supporters of “mariage pour tous”, that if you against redefinition of family with parents of bouth sex, you must be necessary an “devote Catholic” or even royaliste. No, not at all. Actually, an very big part of “Manif Pour Tous’ are not practicant Catholics or even atheists.

  32. Hollande did listen to the majority of French voices which supported the legislation. The Vatican’s “voices” were heard but put aside as inadequate in number.

  33. This is the Gotterdammerung of the Catholic church.

    It enjoyed unbridled power in the Dark and Middle Ages due to the fact that it was an agrarian society, basically ignorant and superstitious, thus easily controlled.

    Fast forward to the present time. The world is becoming more humanistic, and to the Church, this is anathema. Centuries of unquestioned influence, both in the political and secular world, the almost endless stream of monies, flowing into the Church, used to build monuments, not to the glory of the Supreme Diety, but to themselves, is now drawing to a close.

    And as people have become more educated, their eyes are opened to the hypocracy of these men who pose as shephards. Its self righteous facade is crumbling as more and more internal scandals come to light, and it faces its well deserved end…irrelevancy.

    1. Well said! What we are hearing from the vatican are the death throes of an archaic dictatorship. Throughout history, the RC church has been far more about its own wealth, power and control than saving souls.It relied on the ignorance and superstition of its followers. Unfortunately, brainwashing is very hard to undo. And, if you tell someone from birth that being gay is a ‘sin’, self-hatred is guaranteed. Think how much more advanced LGBT rights would be had it not been for religion holding back progress and stigmatizing homosexuality? As the world becomes more secular because we’ve glimpsed behind The Great Oz’s curtain, we are rapidly rejecting organised religion by the million. And not before time.

  34. jabbott33308 25 Apr 2013, 7:11pm

    The Vatican needs to get its own house in order before it can EVER legitimately criticize anyone else. Besides, the Vatican has no place or role in our Secular life, our Civil life…they NEED to mind their own business….evil f*ckers!

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