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US: Sheriff warns anti-gay church to stay away from Texas fertiliser blast funerals

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Reader comments

  1. Someone please stick a bomb under their HQ.

  2. God doesn’t hate everyone — Fred Phelps hates everyone. Apparently, he has trouble telling the difference.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 24 Apr 2013, 7:38pm

    Spreading the christian love, Phelps? He makes Stephen Green look almost palatable with a dash of Sharon James of C4M thrown in.

    1. When it boils down to it, I don’t think there’s really much difference between Phelps’ and Green’s ideologies except that Phelps couldn’t care less what the public think of him.

  4. These people are beyond vile!

  5. Marcwebbo3 24 Apr 2013, 7:52pm

    It wouldnt surprise me if they still showed up and tried to cause distruptions….good for the Sheriff and police….nice to know they are still Americas most hated family….its a well deserved title

  6. If I was him I would have gone to someone else who wasn’t the District Attorney. But I guess that is a good reason why I’m not a sheriff.

  7. Liam the God 24 Apr 2013, 9:59pm

    I look forward to Phelps “Falling Down The Steps On The Way To the Cells, Sarge!”…..

  8. When phelps dies I’m going to picket his funeral with banners saying, phelps is dead because god loves fags.

    There will be so many people at his funeral but there picketing, they will need to hold it at a stadium.

    1. I’m sure even the Phelps family can see they will all be hoist by their own petard, especially Fred.

  9. Garry Cassell 24 Apr 2013, 10:42pm

    What’s wrong with breaking the legs off all of them…it’s just an accident…Why are this small hateful bunch able to cause such panic for everyone…shouldn’t be a problem to shut them up for good…wired jaws can’t speak..

  10. It seems that any natural disaster is linked to equal marriage in the eyes of the WBC clan. So, Antarctic Ice is melting. Oh, yes, that’s the fault of the gays isn’t it? Oh, of course it is.

    When the Phelps’ time comes, I am sure a few people will be there with their protest. I’d love to go, but I have far better things to put my money and energies towards.

  11. I’m gonna celebrate when this miserable excuse for a human being kicks the bucket. That will be a great moment for humanity.

  12. Don Harrison 25 Apr 2013, 12:08am

    This could only happen in the USA.

  13. Christopher in Canada 25 Apr 2013, 1:23am

    Then the shit would REALLY hit the fan!

  14. lol these assholes are out of control. They talk shit to me all the time on Twitter.

  15. I’m not one for religion but if we are all Gods children then didn’t God make us who we are, oh and another one… Aren’t we all made in Gods Image…. It’s all about bring able to mis-quote and misinterpret things in a big book that is, as far as history is concerned, a large story book, best seller if truth be told. This far out section of the church needs to do one and get a grip, God (if he is a real person) is not a vengeful person, he loves all his children and sent his own son to die for our sins… And God gave us free will, if he didn’t want us to do what we wanted with it he wouldn’t give us free will, sorry I’m done quoting and interpreting a story book I don’t believe, yours not so faithfully, a fag!

  16. Frankly the entire lot of them are internet trolls writ large.
    Half the protests they claim they’re going to make never materialise, and if you analyse the pattern of their targets they seek to offend everybody across the political spectrum from left to right. Which would explain their recent Thatcher rant that paints her as a “fag enabler”.
    Perhaps they should convict Pastor Fred for fraud since everything he does is geared towards funding WBC by engineering frivolous lawsuits with local authorities who don’t protect their unalienable first amendment right to make arses of themselves in public. Either that or generating publicity.

  17. And now we need castiel :D

  18. I think that this is the first time that I have read that a Sheriff has explicitly told them to stay away, and if they don’t then they will have to face consequences. More sheriffs need to do the same.

    I hope that if they do turn up, that the police will arrest them and charge them all with hate speech!

  19. But surely, they can’t be banned? As we know, Americans are PARANOID about their constitutional right to ‘free speech’. Well, for me, the Phelps’ epitomize why ‘free speech’ must also come ‘responsibility’. These people abuse that constitutional right and bring it into disrepute. But hey! They have done more to discredit religion than any catholic priest ever could. So, I say … ‘You go girls’!!!

    1. With regards to free speech rights, the line is always drawn when crime is being incited. With their raptuous public rejoicing over terrorist atrocities, these sociopaths tread a fine line between lawful freedom of speech and glorifying/ condoning murder, and events like this renew debate about whether they are crossing it.

    2. Free speech should be encouraged and championed. After all, you know who your enemies are then.
      The UK prosecutes some for hate speech. That’s far more dangerous as it creates anger and more hate. And one never knows what the future may bring. What may be allowed today could very well be banned in the future. History has always swung back and forth in regards to rights.

  20. Exactly. “The homophobic Westboro Baptist Church” would be better referred to as “The Batshit Crazy Cult of Fred Phelps.”

  21. I can only imagine what it must be like when the pastors and believers all troop down to the church to hear the latest sermons from Fred Phelps. “Today, I announce that the corn harvest will not yield as much as we did last year. this is the fault of Fag marriage.”

    Someone, somewhere will eventually get fed up of Phelps and his clan, that it will end in violence.

  22. So, Westboro’s going to Texas to picket the funerals of the fertilizer plant explosion dead, eh?

    This could very well be their Waterloo. Texans are noted for their gracious hospitality, but, they’re not very tolerant of people who cross lines, like disrupting a funeral.

    They’re going to be messing with pistol packing papas and mamas but I think they won’t show up cause they know the state well enough to realize that there’s a lot of wide open space, out there, and “accidents” happen all the time on the highways and they’re cagey enough to know that their chances of getting out of the state in one piece would be slim, indeed if they carry through with their threat of picketing.

  23. Gavin,
    Its because they are lawyers and such, and if you even so touch them you will be sued for “taking away their rights.” I looked into this when my brother was killed in Afghanistan and heard they were going to picket his funeral or the other two who were killed on the same day.

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