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Ireland: Hotel manager sacked for opening gay sauna awarded unfair dismissal compensation

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Reader comments

  1. Here’s the Limerick Leader article for those confused by the PN piece.

    The original sentence “rewritten” here is: “During an Employment Appeals Tribunal earlier which was heard this year, the manager of the hotel, Brian Comerford, said he had no issue with the “orientation” of the sauna and he denied suggestions that the dismissal was a “homophobic knee-jerk” reaction.”

    There is an interesting point here, though not an LGBT-focused one. Irish employment law is often thin on detail, and tribunals can be generous to employees. The decision here seems odd, as the restrictive clause was in Mr Ryan’s contract and is hardly unusual. The tribunal appears to have said, Yes, you signed that contract, but it seems awfully mean, here’s some cash.

    The Limerick Leader article doesn’t suggest that the decision was related to Mr Ryan’s choice to serve a gay clientèle. Had he provided evidence of that sort then the tribunal’s decision would have been less surprising.

  2. ridiculous rewarding someone for perversion

  3. friday jones 24 Apr 2013, 11:08pm

    Every penny you tithe to the clergy is a reward for perversion, you tosser.

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