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Anti-gay Ugandan pastor Martin Ssempa tweets PinkNews to warn of ‘sodomy’

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Reader comments

  1. So tweet him back about the dangers of believing in the asinine magical campfire tales of sociopathic bronze age sheepshaggers.

    The man is no different from someone who styles themselves a “Professional Dragon Handler”. Pastor? Is there anything more useless to this world than self-aggrandising magic-boggled idiots?

    1. “So tweet him back about the dangers of believing in the asinine magical campfire tales of sociopathic bronze age sheepshaggers. ”

      Valksy, your splendid atheistic inventiveness never fails to delight! Thank you.

    2. “Pastor? Is there anything more useless to this world than self-aggrandising magic-boggled idiots?”

      Well, Catholic and Orthodox Christian priests come close.

  2. That There Other David 24 Apr 2013, 3:41pm

    Tell him to go boil his head. The man’s a complete tit, thick as treacle and without any redeeming features.

    1. At least tits have uses, this man doesn’t

      1. So does, treacle!

  3. I’m sure he’s rubbing his hands together with glee that you dedicated a whole article to his attention seeking. Well done

    1. barriejohn 24 Apr 2013, 5:03pm

      But their idiocy has to be exposed. doesn’t it? He’s just making himself look stupid – and obsessed!

  4. Tell him to lay off watching specialist gay porn all the time.

    1. The lady does protest too much, methinks.

  5. Brett Gibson 24 Apr 2013, 4:06pm

    Stop the corruption and lies to your OWN people. Then maybe we wouldn’t have so many of them on OUR doorstep.

    1. Liz Jeffcoat 1 May 2013, 1:26am

      ‘…your OWN people’, ‘…on OUR doorstep’ – sound like a bit of a tit yourself. But I may be wrong so please explain if you meant to express something other than right-back-at-you racism. Cheers :)

  6. Please respond to him with a STOP HOMOPHOBIA message.

  7. barriejohn 24 Apr 2013, 4:12pm


  8. I wonder where he keeps his porn stash in between showing them to others?

    He is a vile excuse for a human being!

    1. Marcwebbo3 24 Apr 2013, 4:37pm

      He keeps them at his house so he can also watch them in private and bring them out so he can indulge in his voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendancies whilst also condeming homosexuality to cover up his true feelings….we all recognise the signs

    2. Martin Ssempa has such a humungously fat arse that he probably stashes his porn in his big sweaty crack, what a vile and unpleasant man.

  9. I think the man protests too much.
    He takes inane delight in explaining what happens in gay sexual acts. He should get his visa to Narnia rescinded…

    Why has this man not been jailed for publicly displaying pornography in public.

    That is against the law in many countries including Uganda

    I find it hypocritical that a man can do this yet 2 people in the privacy of their homes are criminalised…

  10. What a horrible neanderthal!
    He makes me feel so sick…

    1. Don’t insult our desceased evolutionary brothers th Neanderthals. please.

  11. GingerlyColors 24 Apr 2013, 5:36pm

    Why can’t Martin Ssempa sod off and eat poo poo? Anybody who tweets homophobic c##p like that is nothing more than an internet troll.
    Why is it that HIV/AIDS is so prevalent in countries where homosexuality is criminalised anyway? So much for it being a ‘gay disease’!

  12. Robert (Kettering) 24 Apr 2013, 5:49pm

    Just another African homophobic dim whit with his brains firmly fixed in the Middle Ages.

    1. Liz Jeffcoat 1 May 2013, 1:23am

      errr..he’s just a homophobic dim whit, don’t drag Africa into it.

  13. Years ago a friend of mine with, let’s say, emotional issues, was having an affair with a clergyman who shouted that homosexuality was sinful – while buggering him senseless. Methinks something like this will be found behind the pastor’s rants and graphic demonstrations.

  14. He has mental health issues.

    1. We homosexuals have mental issues too

      1. Spoken like a true Christian.

    2. Liz Jeffcoat 1 May 2013, 1:38am

      His views are total crap so his mental health status is irrelevant.

  15. Sounds like someone watched two girls one cup and took it seriously..speaking of which, does anyone actually take this sort of lunatic seriously?

  16. Anal and oral sodomy has been practiced by the human race as a whole since the beginning of time. So after all this time somehow he stupidly thinks that he can bring it to an end? Yea, right! Let me guess, he never got a blow job from his wife or girlfriend(s). Also why does he have such a fascination about gay sex, specifically buggery. Eating poo poo? More straight people are into the scat fetish than gays.

  17. Christopher in Canada 24 Apr 2013, 7:28pm

    Europe’s past of exporting religion is coming home to roost.

  18. Anal and oral sodomy have been practiced by the entire human race since the dawning of time. Why he believes that he can suddenly eliminate it is beyond me. My question is why is this man so fascinated with the idea of two men having buggery specific sex yet NEVER once mentioning lesbian sex. Truth be known, straight men have no interest in gay sex, usually they only like lesbians getting it on. I smell a rat.

    1. Liz Jeffcoat 1 May 2013, 1:42am

      ‘Truth be known, straight men have no interest in gay sex..’ mmm… I think the worlds male prison population may beg to differ ;)

  19. I think he secretly has gay fantasies, that’s why he’s so extremist with his views, he’s trying to banish the demons within himself

    1. Goes without saying and the whole world now knows he’s a dysfunctional person who hates himself because he has homosexual fantasies that he’s powerless to control.

      Sself-hating Ssempa has convinced himself that he can control his own homosexual urges by controlling or eliminating other well adjusted homosexuals.

      Well adjusted heterosexuals do not concern themselves with homosexuals and homosexuality, their interests lies elsewhere.

  20. Well done, PinkNews!

    We must all immediately jump on ANYBODY who dares to use demeaning archaic terms like “sodomy” and “buggery”.

    1. Usually it’s those who are avid promoters of and addicted to penile-vagina’my who use those derogative terms.
      Either that or they are trying hard, for their own reasons, to convince the rest of the world that they are enthusiastic penile-vagina’mists.

      1. “derogatory terms” rather.

    2. Mind you, judging by his frequent use of the word poopoo his vocabulary in general doesn’t signal someone with much of an education.

      1. Ssempa so clearly has a pile of doo-doo for brains.

  21. I can imagine this backward bigot – is furiously masturbating as he spews all this sexual hatred – I give it no more than months before his self loathing homosexuality surfaces in some explosion of exposed guilt –

  22. Gay porn in church?
    I might start attending ;-)

  23. PeterinSydney 24 Apr 2013, 11:09pm

    More importantly STOP MARTIN SSEMPA!!!!

  24. friday jones 24 Apr 2013, 11:13pm

    In country full of starving people, it takes some real cunning to become a fatass on the scale of Ssempa. I think he’s mad at gay people because none of them will come home with him because he’s so smelly and awful in every possible way. Also, tops from the bottom!

    1. Liz Jeffcoat 1 May 2013, 2:20am

      Well your comments makes as about as much sense as err…the words of Ssempa. In a word *bollocks!* .

  25. Interesting, he doesn’t have any tweets for 24th April…Pink news have made a fake tweet

    1. Staircase2 25 Apr 2013, 2:30am

      Is that true Pink News?

    2. Staircase2 25 Apr 2013, 2:42am

      Just checked

      Not true, John-Paul…

      You’re Ssempa (with two Ss) (the sound of the snake…) aren’t you…

  26. Ssempa is an odious man, and he is on the wrong side of history.

  27. Staircase2 25 Apr 2013, 2:28am

    …..aww HIM! The dildo with the poopoo banana…! Lol

    Half the time it wasn’t clear n that show ether he was more intent on spewing his bigotry or stuffing his face with the banana…

    What a thoroughly throughly nasty man

  28. Christopher Coleman 25 Apr 2013, 5:10am

    The Ugandan Asians and their children who live in Britain can tell you all you need to know about Uganda and that country’s history of prejudice.

    1. Liz Jeffcoat 1 May 2013, 2:15am

      mmm…just like the Black Brits can tell you about the history of racial prejudice in err..Britain. Oh and when Idi Amin kicked out the Ugandan Asians in the 70s, when some of them came to the U.K, I don’t think the White majority welcomed them all with open arms ;)

      Homophobia is a disgusting trait but please don’t mix it up with it being indicative of what a whole country is like in relation to issues relating to discrimination and prejudice. :)

  29. I don’t believe that homophobia always conceals repressed homosexuality, but in the case of this deranged buffoon I don’t think there’s the slightest doubt.

    While I suppose it’s interesting to know how obsessive these persons can be, I do wonder if (as with those Westboro lunatics) sometimes we’re not just giving them the attention they so desperately crave.

  30. go away you pratt

  31. The self-loathing positively OOOOZES from this man’s mouth. He’s FROTHING with inner-hatred. It never ceases to amaze me how people from former persecuted sections of society (and being a black African, he is) will happily and without any sense of breathtaking hypocricy totally forget their past and persecute another. He is clearly OBSESSED with homosexuality and, as any psychologist will tell you, this speaks VOLUMES about his own ‘issues’.

    1. While I take your point, it’s worth noting that Ssempa was born some 6 years after Uganda became a sovereign nation, and therefore will have no experience at all of racist persecution from colonists. It’s also worth bearing in mind that most bullies are usually themselves a victim of bullying.

  32. gosh let us all pray that martin stays in uganda honestly how dark ages is this man…I do wonder just what GOD must think of all this hate….

  33. gosh let us all pray that martin stays in uganda honestly how dark ages is this man…I do wonder just what GOD must think of all this hate….

  34. what a nice man!
    I wonder what he did with the gay porn in private…hihihihihi

  35. Here we go. While I don’t condone his comments. I think PN readers are all to quick to jump on this anti African bandwagon. I mean this thread has received 51 replies!! While there’s a thread about the murder of a South African lesbian and only two people have commented – me being one of them. I said this before and i’ll keep on saying it, African homophobia is criticised more vociferously DEPSITE the fact that day in day out most of the homophobia clap trap comes from Europe/America. If only people could get as passionate about the discriminatrion faced by LGBT people in Africa and the Middle East as they would by this nobody from Uganda.

    1. Staircase2 26 Apr 2013, 4:10pm

      Well said, although confused by your last sentence, given that Uganda IS in Africa…(as, from your opening comments, you clearly know…)

    2. How many other countries lock people up, torture them, or are proposing the murder of minorities based on religious insanity?

      Yes, there is homophobia in many countries, but in the USA, UK, Australia, most of Europe and indeed the majority of this planet, you cannot be imprisoned simply because some christian freak with a hunger for power says it should be so.

      Africa is this way because of two things… 1. Religious indoctrination of youth thanks to corrupt governments who still use it to maintain their power, and 2. Lack of basic education outside of religious indoctrination, again used by corrupt governments to prevent their people from catching on to just how corrupt they are.

      If the people cannot write, read, use the internet or think beyond the religious buttsh*t, you have a compliant people too ignorant to fight back. That is what governments love to see, idiot masses easily controlled by voodoo priests like this guy.

  36. Liz Jeffcoat 1 May 2013, 1:19am

    ‘…your OWN people’, ‘…on OUR doorstep’ – sound like a bit of a tit yourself. But I may be wrong so please explain if you meant to express something other than right-back-at-you racism. Cheers :)

    1. Liz Jeffcoat 3 May 2013, 4:17am

      this is a reply to a post by Brett Gibson. I posted here by mistake.

  37. It is easy to demonize activities that you don’t understand, I have seen heterosexual pornography that would offend the moral of any homosexual. But we don’t try to prosecute or alienate them. God is the judge, not us. If you don’t like or understand someone else’s activities then turn away.

  38. Stop something that both straights and gays have been doing since the dawning of time? Idiot!!!!!!

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