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US: Government says Family Research Council shooter should get 45 years

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Reader comments

  1. Liam the God 23 Apr 2013, 2:05pm

    I wonder how the prosecution would have reacted if it were the other way around? Or has blown away the staff and a clinic that offers abortions?
    Just thinking aloud……

  2. well at least this one no mincing queen – just a fruit cake.


  3. if it had been the other way around, the media would have just blown it off as well as the tea party… but we all know they are the victims here… right.

  4. Credit for Pink News for putting this on here, usually they portray gay activists as ‘sweetness and light’, but for once they have presented more of the facts…

    Of course Corkins targeted them because they had been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is deeply influenced by the hate filled gay agenda.

  5. Robert White 23 Apr 2013, 9:42pm

    That is, if memory serves, far more time for injuring one guard than any of our abortion clinic bombers/shooters has gotten for killing people.

    The United State’s even handed justice system in action…

    1. Difference is big Robert. This lover of perverted sexual acts wanted to kill innocent people who opposed his perversions. ‘Abortion clinic bombers/shooters’ (if they kill people inside the clinics) are extremely evil, yet they are killing people who have the blood on their hands often of thousands of innocent babies that they have murdered in their death camps.

      1. Do you actually believe the crap that just came off your keyboard or are you simply acting as agent provocateur? Your “argument” is so ludicrous it barely warrants mention.

      2. Liam the God 23 Apr 2013, 10:52pm


  6. David Cary Hart 24 Apr 2013, 1:23am

    I am a victim of gun violence so I’m kind of a throw-away-the-key guy. Having said that, this individual is clearly insane. He should be sentenced according to what he did in contrast to what he might have done. 45 years seems harsh.

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