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Oklahoma: Gay politician attacked by three men outside bar

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Reader comments

  1. Poor man. I hope he is ok.

  2. If this wasn’t a hate crime, what is?

  3. Liam the God 24 Apr 2013, 11:12am

    SO, let me see if I’m understanding this correctly: THREE straight men attacked ONE gay man, and didn’t even land a decent punch??? It makes you wonder who were the poofs!! They had the element of surprise, they had the advantage of numbers, and the STILL didn’t manage to cause any real injury!! What a bunch of FAGGOTS! (said in an Ironic sense).
    Oh, and Oklahoma Police; WHAT WOULD YOU CALL IT IF NOT A HATE CRIME??
    All the best, Bertie the Buffalo.

    1. Liam the God 24 Apr 2013, 12:36pm

      Only one down-vote? I’m rather disappointed! I thought those without a sense of humour would be queuing up to down-vote me!

  4. hetro guys can’t do anything alone, who do you think started the ever popular ‘circle jerk’?

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