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Ian McKellen: ‘I’m accepted as a gay man and as happy now as I’ve ever been’

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Reader comments

  1. You silly man the laws in this country (UK) still DO discriminate against gay people.

    Given who you are and your status Ian you live in a different world. For young gay people these days I still think it must be very hard being gay. Yes life for us as improved, but there a VERY long way to go still.

    1. FFS, he’s 73, he’s lived through times when it was illegal, seen and been involved in the struggle for equality over 45 years since it was made legal, give the man a break.

      1. For the record, McKellen chose not to come out until 1988, when Section 28 was introduced. So that means he’s involved in the movement for equality not for 45 years but for 25 years. Big difference.

    2. de Villiers 23 Apr 2013, 4:09pm

      > You silly man

      Lee, you display the vanity of the now.

    3. Lee is not ENTIRELY wrong. Remember we don’t have Marriage Equality YET, although we all hope that very soon we will.

      And in the last year Marriage Equality has revealed to us all that there is a massive amount of hatred of homosexual people here in the UK. Some posters today have been triggered to claim that Britain is vastly superior to France: the evidence of the past 12 months disproves that. We’ve had beatings and killings of gay men, and we’ve had a hateful campaign against which continues to this very moment.

      As for McKellen being happy, well to be frank I’m a little tired of hearing him telling it yet again, BUT given that this interview appears in Radio Times AND we have hard evidence of such widespread homophobia here in the UK it’s GOOD that his interview has appeared in such a popular magazine, for “every little helps” to break down that homophobia.

    4. Leee you’re a numpty…Our lives, in comparison to when I was born (maybe even when you were born), when Sir Ian was dealing with his sexuality, is VERY different. Yes there is still some discrimination. But very little in comparison. We can live our lives, we just can’t get married, THAT is the only thing that is wrong now. If someone sacks you for your sexuality, you’re beaten up because of it, then THEY are breaking the law!

      And yes, for young gay people it can be difficult, and probably always will be because we can’t get rid of all the bigots in this world! But they can’t be locked up, stoned, or killed for being gay! Unlike OTHER countries!

      So I consider us very lucky in comparison! And here’s a little note! In England the law was changed in the late sixties. In Scotland it wasn’t changed until about 1983!

  2. I actually want to weep that you lot are attacking Ian, one of the first celebrities to come out, man who set up Stonewall who has dedicated so much of his life to helping us. I wonder if you Lee have done as much and would have been brave enough to tell EVERYONE that you were gay at a time when it could get you sacked or ruin your career. McKellen knows more than most there’s more to do which is why he still tours schools and speaks about gay stuff in interviews unlike so many gay celebs. I’m so grateful to you Ian McKellen. And Lee, you make me sick. Seriously, FUCK YOU.

    1. Hear hear Claire!!! :)

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