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Death of trans teacher Lucy Meadows, prompts poem by 7-year-old student

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Reader comments

  1. Just goes to show that the children were not affected by Lucy’s transition at all!

    May she rest in peace, gone too soon.

    1. Yes, but obviously affected by her death. RIP Lucy.

  2. Christine Beckett 23 Apr 2013, 6:27pm

    So sad…..

    RIP, Lucy.

  3. It just goes to show that despite the opinions of that vile scumbag Littlejohn, Lucy Meadows was a much loved and valued teacher. Any psychological damage done to the children in Lucy’s care came at the hands of the media. RIP Lucy. I didn’t know you in life, but your death leaves a hole in all our lives.

  4. This is such a tragic story.

    On a postive note a seven year old knows more than that obnoxious Richard Littlejohn.

  5. This is both tragic and uplifting. Sadly I come across Daily Mail readers who remain steadfast to their bigoted views. That newspaper is probably their only source of (mis)information and the fear it engenders roots itself deeply in there consciousness. If only they realised what idiots their paper takes them for they’d maybe accept less and question more.

    1. Oops – for “there” read “their”. I know the difference.

  6. I watched the local coverage of the march – and children who were interviewed repeatedly said what a fabulous person SHE was.

    If that’s traumatisation, we need more of it!

    I don’;t suppose for one moment, though, that littlejohn or the mail will let facts affect their bigotry.

  7. SO sad and so incredibly moving. The teachers and students obviously cared for Lucy and showed that by taking to the streets to remember her. And the poem was beautiful.

    R.I.P Lucy….you were so obviously loved

    1. I was there. I went to Accrtington to be a part of a community remembrance march. I heard Daisy speak, and she was fantastic, so brave, so calm, and very sad. Other parents and colleagues spoke, and at the end I was asked to say a few words from a trans* perspective, which as somebody who had met Lucy in real life I was happy to do. What does all this say for us as a “society”.. it says we are still content to allow trans* people to be monstered and vilified in the media in a way no other group are, because it’s illegal and unpalatable. It’s time to change this. Enough is Enough !!

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