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Review: Beautiful Thing – 20 years on, this gay love story is still beautiful

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Reader comments

  1. Well written review.

    Going to see this wonderful play with my partner in Brighton, June 13th.

    Hard to believe that when I first saw it in London, how different things were back then.

    As the reviewer says, age of consent was 21 and S28 was in.

    The playwright, Johnathan Harvey, was a teacher at the time of writing Beautiful Thing and he cites amongst his inspiration for writing it – S28 and, Peter Thatchell.

    It’s a great story, beautifully written, Johnathan Harvey will go down as my hero forever.

    Can’t wait until we see it.

    I had just met my boyfriend when this came out and shortly after seeing it, we both lost our careers when we were outed at work.

    Today, we run our own company and employ our own staff.

    Thanks to the homophobes of that day, we have nice lifestyle, great home and friends and live in better world.

    This play was where it all started for us.

    1. I wish I could give multilple thumbs up to your comment. I am so happy that you and your partner had such a great outcome to a bad situation (employment wise). Even though you were motivated to use the incident to propel yourselves into business, the world needs to see the abuses of the past so that the future generations appreciate the freedom that our generations secured for them.
      Perspective is extremely important to human history.

  2. It is good to read another positive review about this play.

    I have only seen the film, which I adore and am looking forward to seeing it in a few weeks time.

  3. Carl ROwlands 22 Apr 2013, 3:49pm

    I saw this film when I came out at the age of 33!! It told me that it was Ok to be gay and to go out there and be confident, proud and free. I certainly felt that way at the time. Sec 28 and Mrs T was very much apart of my youth. It was very oprressive and remember receiving a birthday card when I was 18 with the message “only 3 years to go! Laugh now!! It wasn’t funny at the time!! I think is it still very relevant to todays teenagers in that they should go for it and not waste any time. xx

  4. I loved this story when it came out on film (same time I did). It helped me deal with the fact that my family disowned me (even threatened to kill me) when I was honest about my sexuality. They still won’t talk to me but I have built a great life with a wonderful husband and great friends that I consider my adopted family.
    Thank you for a real story that reinforced the identities of so many people in turmoil. Will love this one forever.

    1. I saw this on the opening night in London at the Arts Theater. First off, I am a fan and love the film and the characters. Enjoyed this production, not a fluffed line that I could see…..but I felt the ‘relationship’ between the boys was dumbed down a bit, made to be less than it was perhaps. less is more as they say? Overall enjoyed it muchly but came away thinking that something was missing.

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