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France: Gay cabaret dancer beaten unconscious by gang in Nice

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Reader comments

  1. What a dreadful thing to happen to anyone. I hope that those who carried this attack are caught and dealt with accordingly.

    I also wish Mr Leclerc a speedy recovery.

  2. Liam the God 22 Apr 2013, 3:53pm

    SO, where is the condemnation by Vingt-Trois and his Nazi-Loving buddies? FVCKING NOWHERE!! Him and that ugly fascist Homophobic “comedienne” Frigid Bardot should be dragged to court for behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace! I daresay they would be fast enough to whine if 3 gay people kicked the crap out of a known homophobe, because they only hate violence when THEY are on the receiving end of it. COWARDS!!

    1. Yes, indeed. Frigid Bardot and has incited hatred, and thereby has incited violence. She should be taken in.

      But perhaps the authorities are wary of doing that, for fear of the backlash of her moronic followers?

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Apr 2013, 4:07pm

    Barjot, and the catholic hierarchy should be arrested for complicity. Don’t believe for a minute that Manif pour Tous isn’t homophobic, but merely just against the legislation as it claims. It’s trying to distance itself from the violence but it’s been the protagonist in all this unrest. Arrrest the bastards, now!

  4. I so admire Raphaël Leclerc and Wilfred de Bruijn for immediately putting pictures of their battered faces up on the Internet for ALL TO SEE!

    How are the homophobes of France reacting to these photographs?

    Do they not CRINGE with shame and embarrassment?

    Or are they so callous that they think “Bon!” and hope that more French gay men will be beaten up.

    Interesting that so far it seems it’s only gay men who are getting attacked, not gay women. Now why is that, I wonder.

  5. … and ALL in the name of ‘religion’. There would be none of this revolting homophobia were it not for the brainwashing to which this highly-catholic country has been subjected for centuries. It is a disgrace that deference to a ‘belief’ can have such devastating consequences for innocent citizens.

    1. And I was brainwashed to believe that life is a cabaret ol’ chum! Did that movie ever play in France?
      On a serious note, though, I wish Mr. Leclerc a speedy recovery and swift justice.

  6. Still no outrage from the “libertarian” French at this terrorism of French citizens. Disgusting country! We should have left them under the natzis , they are still enslaved mentally by them. Why is fascist Bardot not being arrested yet?

    1. Rapture, can you post a link to that story you mentioned on the other thread re. a French MP having been exposed in some way re. same sex marriage? Can’t find it in the headlines myself. Thanks.

      1. sorry I saw it on france 24 earlier today, just as a passing headline(it is the amateur france 24 , so expected) but its on pink news now also .I kept saying on previous threads on this civil rights issue that the anti marriage lot are terrorists.

        1. Thanks for response. (I watch France 24 quite a lot and I have to say I agree with you re. a degree of amateurishness. It’s as if they’ve let in quite a large number of English presenters who aren’t up to the mark and just let them play at presenting, particularly that small older guy who really ought to stick to dishing out the drinks on an airline! Know which one I mean?)

    2. de Villiers 22 Apr 2013, 5:53pm

      Are you stupid. Really? Are you thick?

      Or do you have so little brain that you can write that the UK should have left France under the Nazis.

      Have you no sense of history or reality or are you so narrow minded on your cock that you cannot see that although this disgusting attack remains disgusting, French brothers like Leclerc would have been tortured, mutilated and killed by the Nazis.

      Of all the nonsense I have ever read on this board, any person who says that because gay people have been attacked in France that the French should still suffer under the Nazis or that the UK should not have assisted it is more stupid than a whore of sh*t.

      1. Seems the French have no sense of history or reality, otherwise there would be millions protesting at this fascist terrorism sweeping their nation.
        No need for the fascist homophobic /anti sex worker rant . You should save your energy for fighting the fascists in your country rather than being abusive to those who acknowledge this degradation in france.

        1. Good point, Rapture. What is happening IS so outrageous that there SHOULD be massive, monumental, protest against it on the part of those who claim NOT to be homophobes.

      2. de Villiers 22 Apr 2013, 6:32pm

        There is every need to challenge your simplistic, unthought idiocy. Do you think that Leclerc agrees with you that France should remain under Nazi occupation or that the UK should not have assisted it.

        Being gay and calling for gay rights does not give you a free voice to say that the French should be ruled by the Nazis or that all French people are fascists. Saying that the French have no sense of history is idiotic against the extreme comparator that you use.

        I oppose fascists everywhere. And also people like you who know nothing beyond what they read on internet websites and yet pronounce on the status of whole countries.

        And the worst is that you cannot even acknowledge how shameful your stupid comment was rather than criticising me for calling you on your idiocy. I can see that you are ready to stamp your boots on others whilst marching for the cause.

        1. Sorry for you pet, but I don’t have time to fully read your exhaustive idiom of crap, or signify your stupid name calling. Again where is the French outrage at this fascism? And if fascist right wing groups like Bardot n co are allowed to terrorise with impunity in 2013 france, going mostly unchallenged , then I see no difference that we bothered to liberate and free you lot from the Nazis.

          1. “We”? You’ve told us before you’re still not 30, what’s with the “we”, rapture? From other things you’ve said it’s evident you’ve never been part of the UK armed forces.

            I also suggest you look up the word fascist before bandying it around with such gay abandon, as it’s evident you don’t (unlike de Villiers) have a clue what it actually means.

          2. to rehan my! , I had no idea you were stalking my much older posts to remember them, as I can’t recall any of yours. Maybe I bruised your ego in a previous post and you’re still bitter and seething about it, . However , I refute what you wrote here obviously ,as I believe you are ignorant of the term fascism, so your worthless drivel is just a bit petty and pathetic and distracting from the real horror that’s happening in france .

          3. de Villiers 22 Apr 2013, 10:24pm

            then I see no difference that we bothered to liberate and free you lot from the Nazis.

            Then you really are a despicable piece of humanity who does not deserve to live.

          4. de Villiers 22 Apr 2013, 10:25pm

            > then I see no difference that we bothered to liberate and free you lot from the Nazis.

            Then you really are a despicable piece of humanity who does not deserve to live.

          5. de Villiers 22 Apr 2013, 10:25pm

            — in a free country.

          6. @Villiers, “a despicable piece of humanity who does not deserve to live” Wow ! are you Bardot? or another nutjob homophobe? Maybe you should quote my entire text if you’re capable, which is in reference to fascist right wing groups going unchallenged, especially in a country with france’s history.

          7. de Villiers 23 Apr 2013, 9:03am

            Open your eyes and read. Do not deserve to live in a free country.

            A gay male is attacked and you think that the UK should not have rescued France from the Nazis. That was your statement. And you are too immature and/or stupid to admit your error.

            Do you think either of the two gay French men who were assaulted agree with you? Do you think any sane person can agree with you?

            You need to mature and evolve. At the moment, you are as stupid as the Westborough Church adherents.

          8. Oh yes, poor forgetful little rapture, how could I not remember you informing me that I’m super-rich because I then lived in Fitzrovia? It was glaringly evident then that your grasp of reality was somewhat tenuous and, sadly, appears not to have improved since.

    3. France has had some shameful episodes in it’s history when it has persecuted minority groups. But it also led the world in the enlightenment’s ideas of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.

      France was the first country to abolish gay sexual relations as a crime.

      In 1960, when I was a young boy in France, I experienced bullying for being Jewish, and when my mother came out that we were Jewish to my landlady, she started ti feel my head and said in all seriousness “You can’t be Jewish, you don’t have any horns.”

  7. Brett Gibson 22 Apr 2013, 5:32pm

    What the hell is happening in France, are they like the Texas of Europe? Seems so…

    1. They are about to get marriage. Are we? Even the popes homeland has gay marriage. Have we?

      1. Um, well yes we are about to.. Scotland is in the final consultation phase, and England and Wales should have legislation signed into law by the end of the year? Did you miss that?

      2. Brett Gibson 23 Apr 2013, 1:44pm

        They have equal marriage in South Africa, where if two guys were caught holding hands in public they’d probably be murdered in a lot of places – lesbians correctively raped. Just because a society is more equal on paper doesn’t really reflect how the society behaves. I think the UK is probably one of THE best places on earth to live, if you’re a gay person. We are one of the most socially advanced countries. We never have this amount of homophobic violence on our streets. THAT was my point, nothing about equal marriage.

  8. Raphael I wish you well and hope the scum that carried out this act get their payback

  9. DivusAntinous 22 Apr 2013, 7:32pm

    I’m actually surprised by the behaviour of the French. A nation which is seen by many around the world as supremely refined and civilised still produces this sort of barbarous savagery.

    1. I’m not surprised,considering the national front are so popular there. Don’t they get about 25% of the vote?

  10. I wonder if I should cancel my planned trip to France. It seems to be getting a bit feral there.

    1. Go to Spain or Belgium instead!!

    2. Presumably people don’t get gay bashed in London any more then? I don’t live there so don’t really know. Can someone enlighten me, so I know if I am living in a fascist country or not. So I know if by association I am also a fascist or not.

      What is happening in France seems to be bringing out all the “Little Englanders” on this thread who seem more interested in “Frog” bashing than gay rights.

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