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France: Couple plan to hold first same-sex wedding in Montpellier

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Reader comments

  1. This is the result of the naive logic right wing gay activists used 10 years ago. They said all they wanted was access to each other at a hospital, etc. they said they’d never go for phony marriage if we just gave them partnerships. We see how they kept their word….

    1. That There Other David 22 Apr 2013, 8:39pm

      Are you insane?

      1. Of course, many years people would call me ‘sane’, but with the ‘frog in the water’ syndrome through the media of portrayal of homosexuality by gay activists pushing your lifestyle as an acceptable choice, you would be quite right in stating that my view now is not the main societal one and thus I am by your skewed logic ‘insane’. However, truth is not determined by the consensus of the majority. The homosexual lifestyle (not the attraction or the disorder itself – I accept that people cant always help this) and particularly SSM will always be a disgusting perversion of truth.

        1. That There Other David 22 Apr 2013, 11:34pm

          Oh I see. Not insane, just a twat.

      2. @That There Other David
        Probably but it’s best not to feed the trolls

  2. Congrats! (And don’t forget to do it again once it’s legal.)

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