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Bill Clinton: My daughter Chelsea helped me change to support gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. Nice that he’s ‘evolved’.

    But he is the one who signed both Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Defence of Marriage Act into law.

    As such he should not be given an award.

    GLAAD clearly doesn’t give a toss about the gay community if they are so craven as to honour someone like Clinton

    1. You and me both are aware that as gay we are normal but their was a stigma to be openly gay in america in the earily 90’s was not normal , to many gay people and straight it was good to have a vail of silence, imagine being gay and any solider could ask you or pick on you calling you “faggot”. It allowed for no one to discuss sexuality. In a very strange way it protected gay people in others it hurt. The army and i say this as a proud american is to protect freedom here and abroad and it does not help for something like sexuality to get in the way. BUT “NOW” in the last 8-12 years gay rights in America has growed in numbers. It didn’t make sense in the 21st century to be small minded so if was struck down because the “STIGMA” that i spoke about faded. It didnt make sense any more. GAY is everywhere. It looked homophonic, I don’t blame Bill Clinton its weak minded to blame it on 1 man, When many believed it was necessary to restrict their rights or protect gays. He should get the award.

    2. Hmmm, are we going to hold everyone to what they did / said 20-odd years ago, or accept that people evolve over time and when they do evolve to become advocates in support of equality, then welcome that. Signing of DOMA was disappointing, was wrong but now Clinton acknowledges that I’m prepared to let bygones be bygones.

      Fast forward to today, and the more high profile advocates in support of equal marriage adds ever greater strength to the campaign. Little point complaining about yesterday when tomorrow is more important.

      1. Yes, we should hold people accountable for what they did /said 20 years ago. People have suffered and died because of DOMA. Clinton has not acknowledged that he harmed SS couples by signing DOMA. He has not apologised for buckling under to the bigots. He’s stated just recently that DOMA is unconstitutional and he supports it’s repeal.

        He has NOT accepted his role in causing harm to gay and lesbian couples. He has not apologised for the discrimination that ss couples have been subjected to under DOMA since marriages started in MASS.

        He is positioning himself as a good guy to help get Hillary elected in 2016. Just another phase in his political shell game.

        He signed DOMA into law. He owes us an apology and recognition that what he did was discriminatory and WRONG.

        David Cameron has apologised for Section 28. I expect no less from Clinton. Well, actually I do expect less from Clinton because he is a spineless, opportunistic liar.

  2. 2024 – President Chelsea Clinton

  3. the clintons are never out front on any social issues, always waiting in the weeds.
    the only reason bill was concerned about aids in africa was so that he could build support for hillary amongst afro-americans when she ran for president. we all know how that worked out!

  4. Reeks of used car salesman style, opportunism. Fortunately Obama got the party in 2008.

    Elizabeth Warren for 2016!

    1. bad ass i mean.

  5. DOMA is still damaging lives.

    That prick Clinton has bot apologised.

    He does NOT deserve an award

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