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GLAAD Awards feature DiCaprio, Theron, and Bill Clinton heckler

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Reader comments

  1. DiCaprio slowly working his way out.

    I’m not sure Clinton deserved any award and his mixed response to receiving it further proves that.

  2. To my knowledge, Clinton has still never acknowledged that he was wrong to sign DOMA or DADT. Nor has he apologised to the gay community for using us as political fodder. In fact, his current position reeks of a hopeful First Gentleman who knows how to read the polls.

    Senator Portman would have been a better choice than Clinton. Any senator currently in office who has come around would have been a better choice.

    Bill Clinton is the most compelling argument for not supporting Hillary. This spineless liar has no business in the White House except on a public tour.

  3. Thinking about Clinton’s speech I realise why he just doesn’t get it. He said that this new BSA policy would get us “half way there”. Letting gay kids into an organisation which tells them that they will be kicked out at the age of 18 if they don’t become straight is not getting half way there. It’s providing the BSA with a platform to overtly or covertly push gay kids into reparative therapy.

    He has learned nothing. He understands that the half-way measures he supported in the past may have been less than perfect, but he can’t transfer that understanding into something which is applicable today.

  4. Spanner1960 22 Apr 2013, 8:49am

    Clinton was the best president the USA has had in living memory. Had it not been for some little bitch mouthing off (literally and metaphorically), he could have done so much more.

    All those naysayers out there should recognise how hard it is for anyone in government to get laws changed because you are constantly having to juggle 52 states about, each with their own direction and manifestos; it’s like herding cats.

    I think under the circumstances, the DADT was the best compromise he could get at the the time, so he’s all good in my book. Idiots that expect sweeping reforms generally get nothing, the best approach is always little bites of the cherry and inching forward slowly. That is precisely what is happening with the same sex marriage debate, and state by state they are crumbling.

    1. Spanner,

      Your characterisation of the Lewinsky scandal is just offensive and off the mark. Clinton lied to Congress and the American people. He had sex with a subordinate. It was unethical, irresponsible and he didn’t even have the balls to come clean.

      Last time I checked, there were 50 states in the US. The issue with regard to DADT and DOMA is not what he didn’t get passed, but the lack of backbone he showed by signing them and how willy-nilly he walked into a situation he didn’t understand.

      As far as DADT being the best compromise, the proof is in the pudding. Harassment, charges and dismissals increased under DADT so it really wasn’t a better compromise. I never expected sweeping changes from Clinton. In fact, I knew he was putting his foot in it when he promised on MTV to lift the military ban. He had no idea what he was getting into, but pushed ahead for a few votes. When he hit the wall, he cut bait and ran.

  5. Patricia McLaughlin 22 Apr 2013, 3:56pm

    Clinton has come out against DOMA. He said he sees now that it is unconstitutional. DADT was considered an advance at the time. I was there. I remember. As for his flaws, I don’t think it is my business to get nosy about other people’s sexual life. I am 68 I couldn’t count the number of times I was hit on by a married man.

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