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Investigation into Iris Robinson’s ‘gay cure’ therapist taking place behind closed doors

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Apr 2013, 4:47pm

    Throw the bloody book at him. He should be struck off once and for all. Bigot adulteress Robinson should be prosecuted for peddling his snake oil.

  2. QUOTE: “Mr Strudwick had two webcam therapy sessions with Dr Miller, in which the psychiatrist encouraged him to become aroused and spoke about his own struggles to fight attraction to men”. This is exactly what I’ve always believed; the biggest homophobes are those with the biggest self-hatred. I’ve seen it time and time again. When are we going to accept that THIS is the root cause of homophobia … and start to treat it accordingly?

  3. Do no harm-the principle of medicine means that this kind of reparative quack theory to change orientation already hurts the patient by offering false hope then also in his pocketbook.

    Homosexual desires are not a mental health issue, only a religious issue.

    When on top of that abusive and or sexually inappropriate techniques are used, there is no alternative than to bar such an unethical person from ever practicing again, they can still be an excellent used car salesman.

    1. I wouldn’t buy a used car from him until he’d had extensive therapy to overcome his homophobic desires…..and I’d want proof – preferably in the form of seeing him happily settled down with another man:-)

  4. That There Other David 20 Apr 2013, 9:21am

    Such a shame he couldn’t cure the desires to take backhanders from property developers, rip off the taxpayer and have affairs with the orphaned sons of people who trusted you eh?

  5. Sickening. To say that there is a ‘cure’ for homosexuality implies that it is an illness.Its very sad that in these supposedly enlightened times that some people actually beleive this.Definately sould be struck off !

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