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France: MPs come to blows during equal marriage debate in parliament

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Reader comments

  1. Liam the God 19 Apr 2013, 4:09pm

    Are the Bigots upset they’re LOSING? GET USED TO IT, HOMOPHOBES!!

  2. Expected no less. These are obviously fighting on religious grounds. What other logical reason is there to deny two people who love each other, the right to marry?Not that religion itself is logical, but there’s no rational pathway to homophobia, unless you believe in a magical all seeing eye in the sky who hates ‘queers’.
    They should be locked up. Or eat least removed of their position.
    Speaking out against something you disagree with is fine, I support that right. Becoming violent, smashing things and attacking people like some spoiled child, I do not. Especially from politicians, who’re supposed to represent everyone in their community.
    Another example of religion poisoning society.

  3. The French get so hot under the collar about a lot of things however I would have thought that such a progressive country would have been aright when it came to gay rights. Very odd.

  4. I thought France was progressive… ???

    1. It is, Zach. Wonderfully so. The trouble simply is that this particular issue has caused the bloods of France, the young jocks who glory in their superiority as heterosexuals, a great deal of anguish. Their identities are sadly largely in their pants. (You know precisely where I mean!)

      1. Tiny “identities” most probably

    2. David Cary Hart 20 Apr 2013, 12:11am

      I have been tracking this violence. It stems from the Catholic Church. Even the Cardinal who is the outgoing Archbishop of Paris implied a threat of violence. They could stop the mayhem any time they want and they have refused to do so.

      The intervention of National Organization for Marriage has also escalated tensions.

  5. Barjot is evil and having her 15 minutes of fame on the wrong side of history.

  6. A little British decorum would go along way in France.

    How in God’s name did they manage to acquire an Empire?

    1. Decorum is most certainly not the preserve of we Brits, though, yes, some decorum is sorely needed in the French parliament at this time.

    2. I don’t’ think decorum has anything to do with acquiring an empire. It’s certainly not how the British managed

      1. Decorum is certainly not why there are lines on the carpet in the aisle of the House of Commons.
        MPs may not step over the line and its’ original purpose was to stop them stabbing each other with their swords!

  7. You know, I think the very worst part of this shameful incident is “The incident, which was attributed to fatigue and the high emotions brought on by the controversial nature of the issue, was condemned by the ruling Socialist party.”
    Surely, independently of which party you’re a member of, this kind of degeneration of behaviour in a nation’s parliament should be condemned by ALL MPs?

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Apr 2013, 4:38pm

    Appalling and disgraceful So much for the mythical French civility. You would think in a country with no state religion that this sort of thing would happen in a major EU state, one of the five permanent members of the UN. It’s the sort of thing you’d expect in Russia and elsewhere.

    Just goes to show how toxic religion can be and demonstrates a profound incompatiblity with secular life and society in general. I just hope we don’t see similar behaviour in the UK. Throught all this, I wonder why C4M et al haven’t commented? This is the sort of thing they exploit for their hate agenda and something the Mail would cover with abandon.

  9. Unbelievable! And this is the country whose national moto contains the word Egalité – equality. Those against gay marriage really are a bunch of religiously brain-washed morons.

  10. Xavier Bongibault 19 Apr 2013, 4:41pm

    I hope, its nothing less than the Fifth French Revolution (after 1789, 1830, 1848 and 1968), but this time Conservative one.

  11. I’m not surprised that equal marriage has had a harder time in France than it did in Spain because surveys over recent years have always suggested that attitudes in France haven’t been as accomodating as most of its principal neighbours (bar Italy).

    Really didn’t see fisticuffs in parliament coming though.

  12. Yet more evidence of the existence of deeply-rooted hatred of homosexuality and homosexuals here in Western Europe.

    We in France, England, and Wales may just get Marriage Equality BUT we must never fool ourselves into thinking if that happens that it means we have at last been accepted. If anything the hatred of us will be worse than it has been previously.

    This is just how a massive number of people feel, sadly.

    1. “deeply-rooted hatred of homosexuality and homosexuals” wow the first person on Pink News to separate the person from the disorder, fair play to you.

      1. Don’t misconstrue or seek to twist what I said. There is no “disorder”. The sexuality of heterosexuals is heterosexuality and it is of equal value to the sexuality of homosexuals, which is called homosexuality.

    2. I tend to agree and away from the city centres and their ‘gay’ ghettos things are pretty much what they were 50 years ago.
      We are still a minority and we are beginning to irk the majority which they don’t like.
      A long laughed at and worse minority is not prepared to accept that any more. The comfortable majority will not like that.

  13. JackAlison 19 Apr 2013, 6:03pm

    Its actually a very good sign…a healthy sign…when anything is in its death throes it usually fights the hardest. The churches are empty in europe. The new pope is more of the same and the protestors will have nothing to scare monger about. once it is passed…It only goes to prove that queer legitimacy thru marriage will be the beinning of a death knell to prejudice and these homophobes and bigots know it all too clearly

    1. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

      Mahatma Gandhi

      1. So very true

  14. Financial economic meltdown in Europe and French MP’s have a fight about marriage equality. Embarrassing for the French people. Their parliament is now the laughing stock of parliaments Worldwide.

    1. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Look at the New Zealand parliament, for instance, or the Canadian parliament, and many others. They have ALREADY acknowledged homosexual peoples’ right to Marriage Equality. They are not laughing at the French parliament. Instead they are rightly willing them on.

      Go back to your sick-hole.

      1. I don’t think this comment says what you think it does Eddy, although it is ambiguous. However is Mark Y usually a troll?

        Regardless he made two good points, as I understood him, whether he meant too or not.

        i) They really do have better things to do than resort to fisticuffs (even ipad scrabble would be a more productive use of time than fighting).

        ii) Any Parliament that resorts to violence should be a laughing stock worldwide

        1. You’re exactly right Joss. That is what I meant.

      2. You completely misread my comment. Joss read it correctly. I don’t live in a sick hole.

        1. Mark your a troll & a homophobic bigot get off pink news you and all your ilk

  15. I’ve never thought frenchies were such primitives.

  16. Christopher in Canada 19 Apr 2013, 9:44pm

    So much for the Napoleanic Code.

  17. In defence of the French: it’s only a minority that’s fighting equal rights to marry. The majority of the population is in favour. I’m not French, but if I were I would not like to be called homophobic, conservative, primitive etc, just because some other people in my country are.

    1. Unfortunately the UK homophobic press paints a picture of public oppression on this.

      Daily Mail, Telegraph etc.

      Its all funded by NOM and the FRC in the US.

      All courtesy of the catholic church.

      The Billionaire Barclay brothers who own the Telegraph amongst other things are viscous Opus Die advocates, and allow their reporters to spout whichever bull suits there agenda as long as it is on a catholic basis.

      The “adulteress” they keep in their employ, namely Christine Odone who spits at gay people at every opportunity, only shows their lack of faith in their own silly religion.

      Isn’t Judgement up to their deity?

      1. Dave your a Christophobic bigot who is always stirring up hatred of Christians on Pink News. Get this in your thick head Dave, you can be Christian and homosexual. I am sick and tired of your bigoted rants…

  18. friday jones 19 Apr 2013, 11:57pm

    France has an incredible number of skinheads and their fellow travelers, so I can understand the street fracas, but this violence in a Parliament session is unfathomable. Criminal charges should be laid.

  19. “brought on by the controversial nature of the issue”

    Not sure I like this line. Nothing controversial about making sure everyone has equal rights.

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