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Duncan James: ‘People were shocked when they heard I was gay on The Big Reunion’

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Reader comments

  1. I’m not surprised they were shocked on hearing he’s gay, given that from what he’s said previously he isn’t – he’s bisexual.

  2. Bi now, gay later.

    People like Duncan James give real bi people a bad reputation

    1. Who are YOU to question someones sexuality.. real bi people don’t care and are more open minded.

    2. I identified as bi for years before I began to identify as gay, I don’t think that invalidates bisexuality in the slightest. Sexualities can change, or people can take a long time to figure out what their attractions are. I think it was probably harder for him to come out as bi than gay, there aren’t many guys in the media who are openly bi and they seem to have it harder than bi women, so probably if he had always identified as gay he would have said so from the start.

      1. Our sexualities DON’T change but our denial can.

      2. Dave North 19 Apr 2013, 2:11pm

        Do I like lady bits, do I like men bits or do I like both.

        Not hard to figure out.

      3. He’s had sex with a lot of women (apparently) so he can’t be that gay. ;)

  3. I thought Duncan was Bi & not Gay?

    Either way good luck to him.

  4. Why did the self identified gay man Duncam James pretend to be bi?

    So many gay people prretend to be bi when coming out – to test the water.

  5. When I saw him on Dancing on Ice, I was surprised that he claimed to be straight – it was obvious he was gay/bi/whatever!

  6. people were shocked ? ….really probably the same people who were shocked when they heard about George Michael and Elton John .

    1. Patrick Mc 19 Apr 2013, 7:55pm

      What about George Michael and Elton John? They’re not gay?!?!

  7. Wow biphobia is rife here. And I hate the way people try to tell other people their sexuality, or get angry when people change their preferences like you somehow get to have a say over who people sleep with, and as if someone else’s experimentation is a personal affront to YOU. For some people sexuality can and does change over time, from bi to gay, gay to bi. straight to gay, even gay to straight…all over the spectrum. But of course any evidence of this behavior is instantly called denial. What exactly was he denying when he said he was bi? YOU are the one in denial that everyone’s’ sexuality does not necessarily follow the same rules yours does and because it doesn’t fit into your extremely small world view. Step out of the gay scene a bit more!

    1. I think you’re actually missing the point…

      It ISN’T biphobic to point out that many gay men DO use the concept of bisexuality to soften the blow of their coming out.

      Until the (relatively newfound) Bi activist network actually comes to terms with and deals with that it’s going to be hard to move forward fully and inclusively

      1. This doesn’t make much sense to me. You seem to be refuting the existence of bisexuality and making the assumption that most bi men are simply “confused”.

        You clearly know little about actual male sexuality, or any of the research conducted on the subject over the last century (those that are unbiased and truly scientific of course).

        The labels are man made, nature does not conform to the inventions of man. Therefore, the notions we have of sexuality are based in nonsense.

        Apologies if I misunderstand you, but you do seem to be saying that bisexual men are confused, much like the religious crazies calling gay men confused.

  8. Slightlyamused 19 Apr 2013, 8:09pm

    I don’t care what he identifies as. He is HOT!!!

  9. Christopher in Canada 19 Apr 2013, 9:49pm

    This man is completely unknown on my side of the Atlantic.

    1. Seeing as you brought it up, I can’t say many of us have heard of you either Christopher over here on our side of the pond.

    2. I don’t understand why we see this sort of comment on a site ending with ‘’. I don’t frequent American websites and go around commenting about how I have no idea who the likes of ‘Kendra Wilkinson’ are.

  10. mikeysussex 21 Apr 2013, 9:38am

    Same as Tom Robinson and the ghastly “comedienne” Jackie Clune (now raking it in with 9 to 5 musical)

  11. mikeysussex 21 Apr 2013, 9:39am

    James came out as bisexual in an interview with the News of the World on 12 July 2009

  12. Look at all the people on here who scream about being judged for their sexuality, then immediately attack someone who identifies as something they don’t understand or cannot contemplate.


    It’s not your business whether he calls himself gay, bisexual or something he chooses to create himself. None of you have the right to demand anything of him, or place your sexual labels onto anyone else.

    Man, you’d have thought that LGBT people would be a little more well adjusted and accepting of others and their identities, but even amongst these groups there’s still little dictators trying to tell others what they are!

  13. …this is the problem, men who are gifted can stay in the closet because there is no sign of them being homosexual. Society appears to have such weak and stupid ideas of what they perceive as acting GAY. How do you tell? Well I believe many gay men are lucky because they have that gift by remaining in the Closet. Which in turn has and always will do have a detrimental affect on openly Gay men or women.

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