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Cleo Rocos: We imagined ‘Future Queen Dies In Gay Bar Brawl’ headlines over Princess Diana drag disguise

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Reader comments

  1. You are insulting your readers by printing this fairy story.

  2. Cleo Rocos is a lovely lady but I agree with fagburn, you are really milking this uncorroborated non-story for a second time.

    A heterosexual goes to a gay bar and nobody pays much attention… happens all the time I imagine.

  3. Looks like Pink News is being spammed by someone from the hopeless Gay Star News!

    Hi Tris!

    1. With all due lack of respect, if you’re a real person, unconnected with Gay Star News, and you think its “news reporting” is any good, you must be pretty stupid.

      1. Fagburn, facts speak for themselves. In the past 24 hours, GSN has posted two stories that PN failed to. Eventually PN posted one of them. PN still has to post the other important one.

        And be aware that several of comments about the quality of GSN reporting have been removed from these threads in the past 24 hours.

        At the very least, PN may just up its game and stop presenting its readership with some of the more tabloid of reports.

  4. Palace Aide: We imagined ‘Diana Drag Queen Dies In Palace Brawl’ headlines over man in Princess Diana drag disguise.

    A Palace aide snuck the Princess Diana drag act into Buckinham Palace where she visited with Queen Elizabeth and ordered a drink, hilariously nobody noticed it wasn’t really Princess Diana.
    Though Buckingham palace is noit a rough place It could have been really rough in there for a drag queen had they realised at the time.

  5. Did this story first appear somewhere on April 1st by any chance?

  6. I don’t know much about Cleo Rocos as a person, but from an outsider’s perspective, this just seems like a very severe case of name-dropping. You wouldn’t have thought that someone who is already (arguably) famous in their own right would need to use such names to garner attention, but for some reason, that’s just what this feels like.

  7. It’s a bit of a spooky tale as only Rocos is alive of the four of them, I want it to be true, but is it just too good to be so? It’s her word against nobodys, also bit of a back-handed compliment saying she looked handsome.

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