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Canada: Imam who compared homosexuality with cancer said comments were taken out of context

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Reader comments

  1. Yes if the prime minister, election runners, corporate heads etc can all say it was taken out of context ( when shit ain’t) why can’t this guy??? Students shouldn’t suffer though… He sure as hell should…. Send him packing!

  2. To compare my being gay to a disease such as cancer or HIV is to suggest that I am ill, faulty or damaged, that I can be treated and cured. I am not a special case nor do I need special treatment.

    What I need is to be free to live my life without having to constantly endure people like you telling me I am wrong and condemning me. Keep your narrow minded god fuelled bigotry to yourself. It’s called YOUR opinion for a reason, so keep it to YOURSELF !!!

  3. You know what makes me laugh? These Muslims hate it when we call them things such as rapists, terrorists or killers, but they never seem to learn their lesson and always seem to insult gay people and their lives. The same when black people say they hate gays lol hypocrisy at its worst!

    1. I couldn’t agree more. These muslims think they can insult anything that doesn’t agree with their narrow-minded beliefs but as soon as you say something against their religion they threaten you and call for your execution.

  4. I think this man is a “special case” and I certainly don’t see him as my brother in humanity, (whatever the hell that actual means).

    If anyone said Islam is like cancer would he be pleased?

    1. He would demand the person to be executed, like the Muslims do with everything. They are the Daleks of the real world.

      1. Hey Felipe…some of my best friends are Daleks…don’t be so insulting.

        1. Sorry Jake. My bad. I know some Daleks are nice people, like Dalek Sec. They don’t deserve to be compared to low-life vermin like this imam.

    2. Islam is like a cancer, that is the great irony.

      1. At least cancer can be cured, unlike religion!

  5. jamestoronto 19 Apr 2013, 4:47am

    “He later left Canada for Egypt.”

    And good riddance! The fewer like you in our country, the better. Egypt will (sadly) have great need of you soon when the fundamentalists there start spreading their venom and hate.

    Still cannot understand why comments like his are always taken out of context, or say they say when caught.

    1. jamestoronto 19 Apr 2013, 7:46am

      or so they say

  6. Christopher Coleman 19 Apr 2013, 5:36am

    In or out of context, these ignorant buffoons should never speak in public, nor be listened to. For reasons I cannot fathom it is always assumed that religious leaders and political leaders have something worthwhile to say. They do not. There’s more sense in the head of the average village idiot.

  7. Yes, the comments and declarations are ALWAYS being taken out of context. It’s incredible how bigots can’t keep the comments inside of context. Just go back to Egypt, Canada doesn’t need people like you, and in fact doesn’t even need any kind of imams. Islam, the religion of hate, intolerance and violence has no place in the 21th century world. Go back to the Middle Ages and to that hell-hole that you call Muslim World.

  8. Yeah sure, when I first read those remarks about gayness being a special case like cancer my first thought was “he’s totally right… gayness means that as a special case I share my horoscope with people born in late June/ early July”
    What kind of impressionable dumbasses does he think he’s dealing with here?
    Spare us the feeble excuses, it was meant exactly the way it sounded. Context… my ass.
    FYI Mustafa – Stupidity is curable

  9. The irony is that it is actually islam that is the really dangerous virus and has killed far more people than AIDS has or ever will.

  10. Marc Santos 19 Apr 2013, 8:21am

    Looks like the fagz r mad. Keep sucking and die of ur aids already. Gross haut thinking about u sick people

    1. Take a STFU pill and go to bed for as long as it takes to get well again Marc.

    2. Liam the God 19 Apr 2013, 2:54pm


  11. @Marc Santos

    Why do you think about homosexuality if it grosses you out?

    Oh and I love how like so many homophobes you automatically think of gay men and not lesbians when it comes to homosexuality. Lesbians probably don’t suck on dicks. Oh and AIDS is more of an African and a gay disease. In places like South Africa, which – like you – is viciously homophobic, around 25% of the country is HIV positive.

  12. Helge Vladimir Tiller 19 Apr 2013, 8:44am

    Islam has a long way to go. No doubt about that. Because 4 out of 5 law schools demand the death penalty for homosexual activity. The consequences of this are easy to understand!!!

    1. Dave North 19 Apr 2013, 9:43am

      Islam is nothing more than a system of control.

      Exactly the same as Christianity, Mormonism, Scientology, Judaism etc.

      It is all bullshit made up in order to control populations.

      The sooner these goons realise this the better for all.

      1. The problem is they will NEVER realise it. And they seem to be multiplying like rats. That really should cause concernes.

      2. cant agree with you anymore. If humanity is to survive, then all religion, which just promote hatred and violence, needs to be eradicated….but in a “peaceful” manner………

    2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 19 Apr 2013, 4:39pm

      So consequently we should support our gay ,lesbian and transgender friends who escape Islamic countries. I support IRQR in Canada.

  13. “publicly-funded private school”

    Shouldn’t be giving these people any public funding to begin with, let alone when they have stuff like this happening.

  14. What a lazy excuse.

    Hes so lucky to live in Canada. Time & again I hear this shit from Muslims who enjoy the benefits of a Liberal country & get away spewing their hate.

  15. Jock S. Trap 19 Apr 2013, 10:57am

    Another vile bigot.

    I better not say anything about what I think of him and his religion….it might be taken out of context!

  16. It’s too bad that we are always cmpared to a disease, versus something like being left handed, or blonde versus brinette, tall versus short.

    It says a lot about how ass-backwards this world is, so much time spent hating, dividing, and so little uniting and finding common ground.

    Why anyone would care what two consenting adults do in their own time is beyond me. Me lady doth protest too much.. or in this case, Me Imam…

  17. “A cancer” the holy ones seem to specialise in irony. People, whatever their sexuality are beginning to realise what the real cancer is.

  18. This is not news, we know what to expect from his lot and his views are now a shared epidemic in every western country from those of his ilk.

  19. Liam the God 19 Apr 2013, 2:18pm

    “Taken Out Of Context”….. We’ve heard that LIE from Religionista Homophobes before! This guy is just another Bigot that doesn’t want his cash-cow taken away!

  20. There are way too many Muslims in the former Empire and in England. I know that comment will be unpopular, but it is kind of bothersome that people who don’t share Western values want to live in the West and retain their culture and we’re not supposed to say anything about it. Additionally, they are no friends to gay people (yes I realize there are gay Muslims).

    1. Agree, and gay muslims are no friend to themselves, gay/muslim= oxymoron.

    2. Not that unpopular, dfrw, I agree with you. I know we should show tolerance for all differents believes and cultures, but Islam just doesn’t help it. They want to live in our liberal countries with freedom of speech, freedon of press and freedom of assembly to spill their hatred and intolerance freely, but they don’t want themselves these unalienable rights in their own countries to people who disagree with them. They are nothing more than disgusting low-life vermin.

  21. Christopher in Canada 19 Apr 2013, 9:40pm


  22. So sad to read your ignorant comments. Freedom of speech!!! Oh yah i forgot that only goes for certain people. What i see and here about muslims is not only ignorant but is hate crimes in itself in my eyes.

    In terms of the issues of gay or not, each to their own. All religion does not agree with being gay and at the same time does not say to hate on them either.

    I guess ignorance is the winner here

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