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Brazil: Court rules that gay couples can marry in Rio de Janeiro state

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Reader comments

  1. Just had a little geeky moment.. 11 of the 26 Brazilian states recognise equal marriage (this number excludes the federal district which also has equal marriage) accounting for 56% of the population. All this is the space of a year since Brazil’s supreme court ruling on Civil Unions. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another one in the coming year establishing full marriage equality across Brazil. Which means half of South America would have marriage equality. Add in marriage equality in Argentina, Uruguay and soon to be French Guiana and possibly Colombia; we will probably be seeing our first majority marriage equality continent in the shape of South America!!!!!!

    1. That There Other David 19 Apr 2013, 9:25pm

      Let’s hope some of the good news starts spreading north of the isthmus. Apart from Mexico Central America’s LGBT rights record is shockingly bad.

      1. I think it gradually will – emphasis on ‘gradually.’ I predict that in the next two years all of Brazil will have equal marriage. In addition to Argentina, Uruguay, F.Guiana and possibly Colombia, in the next few years 70% percent of S.America could have equal marriage. This could potentially trigger changes in other more conservative S.American states and probably even Mexico. And with the US rapidly shifting on the issue, in the next 10 years we could see Marriage equality in the US, Brazil, Mexico as well as Argentina, Canada and Uruguay. This would highly influence the more homophobic central American and West Indies nations.. bearing in mind this would be a gradual change.

    2. GingerlyColors 20 Apr 2013, 6:52am

      French Guiana is governed as part as France and is a member of the European Union and has the Euro as it’s currency. The legalisation of same sex marriages in France will also apply to the overseas regions of France including French Guiana. Imfamous for Devil’s Island where France sent it’s least desirable citizens until World War II, the territory is now the launching place for Ariane rockets because of it’s equatorial location.
      Next door but one to French Guiana is Guyana, formally British Guyana where sadly, the old colonial laws criminalizing homosexuality still remain – the only country in South America that does so. Belize, formally British Honduras in Central America is the only other country on mainland Americas to criminalize gay sex, recriminalizing it in 2004 after it was briefly decriminalized. The Supreme Court of Judicature in Belize will be hearing a case for the overturning of these outdated laws next month.

    3. Pavlos Prince of Greece 20 Apr 2013, 5:13pm

      Colombia will not legalize same-sex marriage, just civil unions, so my impression.

  2. A Chilean presidential contender also promised equal marriage. Lets wait and see if she is gonna be elected and will keep her word.

    1. Michelle Bachelet is a very modern, decent and honest person, I am sure she will keep her word. Her record is clean.

  3. I read somewhere that most Brazilian men are bisexual. Really?!

  4. I’m Brazilian and Brazil is the most catholic country of the world. Most Brazilian people don’t support marriage equality. It’s sad. It’s terrible to live here, because homosexuals are constantly dead here. It’s a confused nation with confused laws. We have the Judiciary, in which most members support gay marriage, but the Legislature includes homophobic politicians.

    1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 20 Apr 2013, 1:52am

      As I understand, judiciary way is only realistic to marriage equality, because evangelical sects are enormous influential in Brazilian politics at the moment. Its very sad, that gay marriage law still is impossible by most democratic way, in the parliament, and must be legalize state by state, court by court. I wonder, how long all this process in Brazil will be ? And what, if courts in some states will reject same-sex marriage (for example, they in western, “Amazonian”, part of Brazil, or like ultra Catholic state Minas Gerais with his incredible Baroc heritage) ? Can gay marriage from one state at least to be recognized in another, as is current situation in Mexico and, maybe in very near future, even in USA ?

      1. In Brazil , the marriage is federal, so independete the state where you marry , is the Federation that recognizes marriage, not the state, so some states hold the wedding other only civil unions, but both are recognized in the national territory.

    2. I highly doubt it. Two years ago number of supporters was about 45%. If you want to see some REAL homophobia, go to Russia or (even better!) Belarus.

      1. What a sweeping generalisation you racist bigot

  5. Brazil is a complete mess, the last week an American woman and her boyfriend were estrupados on a bus in broad daylight on the streets of Rio de Janeiro …. In latin america no country, almost worth.

    you can marry, but the attitude toward homosexuals is horrible in Brazilian society, as well as violence in general in the country is huge, in Rio de Janeiro, gangs control many areas of the city with weapons of war.

    I no swap the UK for no country in Latin America, in Latin America, the Southern Cone, formed by Argentina, Chile and Uruguay are the most civilized countries that resemble behavior in the developed world, and also at this time are the only countries to grow economically and socially in latin america, and much surpassing Brazil.

    1. You mean she was raped, right? By the way, crime happens all over the world, even in the U.S, Canada or the United Kingdom. Do you know about the high school student who was raped in a party by football players in the United States?

      Sometimes it takes time for a society to develop in issues like humans rights, but with patience and Advocacy we can change the world around us and consequently our lives. Did you know that gay people were criminals in the United Kingdom till the late 60s? On the other hand, same-sex activity is legal in Brazil since 1830. There was a dramatic change on the way the british society see gay people, and I don’t see why brazilian people can’t evolve too.

      P.S. It’s “estuprados”, not “estrupados”.

  6. GingerlyColors 20 Apr 2013, 6:36am

    Why not make it nationwide? The southern hemisphere is certainly playing catch-up.

    1. A left-wing political party in Brazil already made a request at the CNJ about that.

      CNJ is like the “police” for judges.

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