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US: Gay Ohio teacher fired from Catholic school after naming partner in her mother’s obituary

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Reader comments

  1. PeterinSydney 18 Apr 2013, 6:36pm

    Isn’t this typical of how a once great institution of the Catholic Church has been high jacked by Temple Police and hard bigoted homophobic Bishops and right wingers. It is now a sorry parody of its true self.

    1. ”Once great institution”? The Catholic church has always been a bastion of hatred and intolerance. Luckily its influence is waning in the west. The sooner this bunch of hateful, intolerant and homophobic fascists posing as spiritual leaders disappears, the better

  2. Complete. Lack. Of. Compassion.

    These people are sick.

    I’d remove my child from this place, it’s run by sociopaths.

  3. The bigoted and heinous face of religion. And there are still imbeciles that claim the problem is NOT religion itself…but “extremist” elements within.
    Religion IS the problem. Without it, the world will be a safer more humane place to live.

  4. What a disgrace. Learning so much about the true nature of religion these days. This debate has been very illuminating.

  5. My mind absolutely boggles at why Carla Hale has had to suffer this disgraceful and distressing bigotry by Catholic School system in the US.

    By contrast, as a child I knew two of our neighbors were in a relationship. Both ladies worked as teachers in the Catholic school system for decades. My father always referred to ***** and her partner as neighbors he liked and appreciated. When ^^^^^^ died last year, he phoned me with the news and I searched out the obituary.

    After the obituary, there were many tributes added by many staff and students she had worked with over the years. Most paid respects to the surviving partner remembering the dedication and inspiration both as teachers, over the decades as friends had mentors who influenced their knowledge and greater success in life.

    Why is this such a glaring contrast to Carla Hales experience? In the UK the couple I mentioned were obviously accepted in the RC system… Yet Carla Hales partner is mentioned in the US and is fired!

  6. Christopher Coleman 19 Apr 2013, 5:42am

    Although I was educated in a well run Catholic school, I propose discrimination against Catholics and other intolerant religious groups. Enough is enough.

  7. On line interview with Carla Hale:

  8. Her mistake is in not being a male priest who mollests kids. They were never dismissed.

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