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UK: Court of Appeal to review sentence of man who burnt gay teenager to death

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Reader comments

  1. Good.

    That sentence was a complete disgrace.

    Who was the judge that handed it down?

    He needs to be suspended from his duties for bringing the courts into disrepute with that appallingly low sentence.

    1. Liam the God 18 Apr 2013, 10:25pm

      The judge was Roger Keen QC (look him up on Google). He’s been reprimanded before. He seems to be a complete prick, too!

      1. Roger Keen is a disgrace to the judicial system.

        Is there any way of getting a judge barred?

  2. It is absolutely right that the sentence was reviewed.

    What he did to that poor young man was awful and the sentence was way too lenient, it should be at least double the 3.5 years originally given.

  3. What kind of Sicko thinks up something like that anyway ?, I mean, come on, covering someone in tanning oil then setting light to it. I think perhaps he should be hel indefinately at her majestys pleasure until it can be proved he isnt a danger to anyone else.

  4. At the risk of sounding like a Daily Mail reader, I have to say I hope that psychotic sod gets as severe a sentence as possible.

    The judge too is a disgrace (from his record it isn’t the first time people have thought so) and he needs to be hauled over the coals as well.

  5. The 3.5 year sentence originally handed down was a total disgrace it would be lucky if he served 18 months. The sentence should have been double that at least.

  6. Three and half years for burning someone to death , maybe out in 18 months if he’s a good boy . The guy had 60% burns and would have died in agony …so more than his genitals (1% no matter how well endowed you are) were on fire . Sorry this is cold calculated murder .I condemn this tosser of a judge for incompetence . Also for the prosecution service for classing it as manslaughter.

  7. Sometimes inadequate sentences result purely from correct application of misconceived guidelines.

    This was not one of those cases.

    The judge got it wrong, and the chances of the Appeal Court increasing the sentence are good.

    The judge seems to have treated this as a “single punch” type of case – a moment of violence which unforeseeably leads to death. But setting fire to someone’s genitals is not comparable to punching someone who spilled your drink. Indeed the defendant was lucky not to have been convicted of murder, the threshold for which is intent to cause GBH.

    But I do fear that the revised sentence will still be inadequate. Intimidation/bullying should be considered an aggravating factor in manslaughter regardless of whether or not the bullying focuses on a protected characteristic (although in this case it did). Verbal bullying is too often accepted as a mitigating factor (“We were friends mucking around”). In fact it indicates a pattern of aggression.

    1. Roger Keen should also be sacked.

      he’s clearly not fit to be a judge.

  8. Liam the God 18 Apr 2013, 6:13pm

    Well done to everyone that emailed or wrote to the AG’s office. This shouldn’t even have been necessary!! Bad sentence, bad judge, and shame on the Police and DPP for not treating it as a Disability and/or Homophobic Hate Crime in the first damned place!! Maybe now we will see some PROPER justice.

    Yours, Igor the Angry.

  9. Keith Francis Farrell 18 Apr 2013, 6:37pm

    good, I am so glad to see this. the punishment did not fit the crime. This person needs to spend the rest of his natural life behind bars. Those who disagree with me, how are you going to feel if he is released and does the same thing again, If it was up to me I could have used a castration rubber on him then left him to watch his balls fall off. seeing as he murdered that poor boy by starting the fire on his balls. If he survives the castration, (without andthing for the pain) then leave him to spend his life in jail

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