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Peru: Father named ‘Hitler’ accused of setting his gay HIV positive son on fire

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Reader comments

  1. This is what the fascist anti equal marriage lobby threaten to happen in france by terrorist blackmail.

  2. What an evil bastard….his son needs love and support not this….he should be the better man and rise above the comments…that way he might even change the attitude of some them around him

  3. Scott Larsen 18 Apr 2013, 11:56am

    Guess when it comes to being gay, blood isn’t thicker than water. Curious if was father is religious…

  4. Scott Larsen 18 Apr 2013, 11:57am

    Guess when it comes to being gay, blood isn’t thicker than water. Curious if father is religious…

  5. Scott Larsen 18 Apr 2013, 11:59am

    So if you are gay in this father’s mind, blood isn’t thicker than water. Wonder if the father is religious…

  6. A father setting his own child alive because that child has become the victim of disease. Utterly sickening. It’s enough to make anyone “head for the hills” and stay there!

    Elsewhere this morning I have read of three well-to-do teenagers coming across a friendly kitten and proceeding to maim it.

    God is thankfully dead, but some people are no longer fearful of doing evil.

  7. Whenever the sillier politicians start droning on, as they so often do, about “traditional family values” as though it means nothing other than a caring support network, I wish they’d bear horrific incidents like this in mind too – it is every bit as much a part of “traditional family values” that anyone who didn’t fit into the straitjacket of social/tribal convention would be excluded or, as attempted here, eliminated.

  8. Christopher in Canada 18 Apr 2013, 1:13pm

    I know a 17 year old son whose father broke his nose the morning he came out to him and his mother, and said he was leaving to go to a large urban centre to live freely. After the hell of the injury and needing a deviated septum repair, the son to this day has not undergone anymore surgery to fix the obviously broken nose, as to never go through that pain again. Every time the family sits down to dinner the father sees the damage he did. It happened on a September morning in 1982…

  9. Literally Hitler.

    On a more serious note, I’m going to forward this article to quite a few people…

  10. I have traveled to the Amozonian area of Peru, near Iquitos.

    I notices that the mostly native peoples there have been almost all converted to Evangelical Protestant faiths.

    These charismatic sects tend to reject natural law and logic and are very narrow minded about everything.

    1. Liam the God 18 Apr 2013, 10:29pm

      “This is why it is vital to KILL missionaries on sight!” – Terry Pratchett (from one of his Discworld novels)

  11. Liam the God 18 Apr 2013, 10:27pm

    Nice FAMILY guy, then? What a *four letter word alluding to a Birth Canal* he is!

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