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Paraguayan presidential candidate: If my son married a man ‘I would shoot myself in the testicles’

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Reader comments

  1. Christopher in Canada 18 Apr 2013, 3:10am

    As he already has had a child, I’d say go ahead and see what he would accomplish. His next door neighbours already can marry in Uruguay.

    1. Yes, I think he should go ahead and do it as a pre-emptive act of protest, he can stop blowing his mouth off once he’s blown his balls off.

      Comparing gay people to monkeys?… What a chimp!
      Darwin would be turning in his grave.
      I guess if his son married another man then Horacio would feel himself less of a great ape.

    2. Yes, go do it anyway, and while you’re at it, Mr. Cartes, blow your dick off too! You’re unworthy of reproduction.

  2. I would think, he probably should do that anyway. He’s not a very good parent, if he shoots of his balls now, he will save yet another innocent child from having to put up with his rubbish.

    1. Seconded!


  4. I wish more bigots had his attitude. Just shoot themselves in the groin. Marvelous idea.

  5. Maybe he can do what Stroesner did when he found out his son was gay. Round up all the gay men and torture them.

    1. As you say, after Stroessner this is no joking matter.

      Paraguay’s legacy of horrific state brutality and sadism, including to gay men, is something politicians should show some respect for.

  6. Well then go ahead and do that – that means one less bigot in the world!

  7. You don’t really think he would shoot his testicles off do you?
    Not any more than people carry out the threat to stick needles in their own eyes, it’s just a dramatic device.
    He just shot himself in the foot by threatening to shoot himself in the testicles.

    1. If he fails to follow through with this election pledge, does that give us permission to kick him in the nuts?
      I think it should.

  8. Great, sounds like a win win to me.
    Can we have this in writing?

  9. Do they do testicles implants anyone?

  10. Bill Cameron 18 Apr 2013, 7:45am

    Can I send him a money transfer for the bullets? ;)

  11. Go ahead!

  12. “if his son were to marry a man, he would “shoot [himself] in the testicles”.

    We could do it for him.

  13. Keith Francis Farrell 18 Apr 2013, 8:15am

    Please someone, give him a gun and make sure his children are safe, long enough to watch him blow off is balls, then take the gun away and allow him to bleed to death. This guy is an idiot. not worthy of our time and if he ever got to lead his country, I am sure he will not live out the first month

  14. Fingers crossed your son marries a man

  15. Someone give the guy a gun.

  16. Please shoot yourself in the testicles Mr Cartes!! You shouldn’t be producing children because you’re a 19th century imbile that dumbs down the entire human race!

  17. Why not do it anyway, Horacio? Practice makes perfect.

  18. Monkeys? Suppose it’s a step down from paedophile.

    Go ahead and shoot yourself, you silly person.

  19. Jock S. Trap 18 Apr 2013, 11:20am

    What an idiot.

    Also… “He also went on to say that he believed that the legalisation of same-sex marriage meant the “end of the world”…

    Er – The end of the world will be because of religion NOT Love!

  20. What an idiotic thing to say.

  21. “If my son married a man, I would would shoot myself in the testicles!”

    Calm down, dear.

  22. I’m not usually one to condone violence or self-harm, but in this instance I think it’s worth making an honourable exception.

  23. Sometimes I wished I couldn’t understand Spanish… Unfortunately I do, and I read about this in Spanish on a Paraguayan newspaper article. The reason this was really unfortunate is that the comments over there were of extreme support for this guys homophobia, claiming these remarks had convinced them to vote for this moron, and incredible rants of pure, concentrated bigotry. The worst part was that a side note also stated that, according to the polls, this horrible person is probably going to win the election…

  24. Why doesn’t the guy just do us all a favour and shoot himself in the testicles NOW.

  25. It’s a pity HIS father hadn’t been shot in the testicles before he was born. Moron.

  26. Should we send him an elaborate rhinestone tiara, telling him that he has won the international drama queen contest? LOL.

  27. can we please, please PLEASE get his son to marry a man? I want to see him shoot himself in nuts LMAO

  28. Widdershins 19 Apr 2013, 12:33am

    Go ahead. Make our Day!

  29. Jim middle tn 22 Apr 2013, 12:42am

    and I would give him the gun and bullets to do it .. and if by chance he changed his mind .. well hell we all know he wouldnt do it … or wouldnt do it ..

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