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Gloucestershire: British Transport Police seek to identify youth over homophobic incident

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary Clarence 18 Apr 2013, 1:56pm

    Its a pity they couldn’t have gone to more trouble to clean the image up a bit really.

    1. i think it’s pretty obviously Rustin Bimbo

  2. Part of his sentence should be to confront the reason WHY he’s homophobic. It can ONLY be because gay men trigger some sort of inner self-hatred. If gay men make him feel ‘uncomfortable’ … he needs to confront the reasons why? People who are comfortable with their sexuality are NEVER homophobic.

    1. Spanner1960 19 Apr 2013, 4:01pm

      What utter crap.
      Bullies target perceived weaknesses. They may not be homophobic at all.
      The point is, if somebody calls you a faggot and you react, then it has served their purpose in the attempt to make you feel inferior.
      The only way to respond to such abuse is to totally ignore it, and turn that apparent weakness into a strength.

  3. keith, moral instructor to immorals 18 Apr 2013, 6:25pm

    Meanwhile, vandals derailed a train and thieves stole miles of signalling copper wire.
    Nice to know though that we can travel safely without the risk of an insulting word being written about gays though I am sure any heterophobia will go unchecked.

    1. Spanner1960 19 Apr 2013, 4:03pm

      Just because there are other crimes happening simultaneously does not nullify this one.
      Heterophobia is a myth, most of us have heterosexual parents.

      1. keith, moral instructor to immorals 19 Apr 2013, 4:29pm

        Writing an insult is not a crime, except in your mind!
        Heterophobia is a growing problem, caused mostly by militant homosexuality.

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