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US: Appeals court to hear arguments around constitutionality of California ‘gay cure’ ban

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Reader comments

  1. I wonder how much fuss there would be if someone established an organisation offering to cure people of ‘religious belief’?

    1. Indeed. Good point

  2. Religious belief is a choice, being Gay on Trans isn’t! So if being gay is in conflict with one’s religeous belief, the only thing that can logically change is one’s religeous belief. You don’t even need a high school education to figure this one out!

    1. soory…should read Gay or Trans

  3. It has never been a principle of law that you can hurt people and get out of the consequences by claiming a religious belief or that G*d told you to do it.
    So just because the person is gay child or not, but especially a child – I really dont see how they can claim that they get an exemption from causing what is well established as demonstrable harm because they belive in some deity whether she talks to then or not.
    I dont think this law goes far enough, but “small steps” seems to be the US approach

  4. Nice attitude: We don’t care about the expert opinions of Mental Health Professionals, we claim the RIGHT to mentally abuse our children and drive them, potentially, to the point of suicide. What a great Nation!

  5. There shouldn’t be any question of whether this law should be implemented. It should. It should have been introduced years ago.
    The only thing that conversion therapy manages to do is shove gay people back into the closet and tell them that what they are born as is wrong or shameful; try telling someone who is black that they shouldn’t be as it is against god’s law or some other b.s.
    Any people who claim to have cured their homosexual tendencies are either living a lie for the sake of their “family” or are bi, forcing themselves concentrate on the opposite gender.
    No good can ever come of conversion therapy.
    Enough said.

  6. Robert White 19 Apr 2013, 8:22am

    All ex0gay therapy does for teenagers is teach them to hide the truth from their family more effectively.

    It’s just closet practice couched as ferral abuse of a minor.

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