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UK: Thatcher opponents stage funeral protests

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Reader comments

  1. “She took away my milk in [the] 70s, she took away my gay rights in the 80s”, a protester told Channel 4 News.

    Whoever that protester was, WELL DONE and WELL SAID! Nice sentence! First the milk, then our gay rights!

    1. Jock S. Trap 17 Apr 2013, 2:57pm

      Inaccurate though. Like I say I agree Section 28 was appalling but she didn’t take away all Gay Rights but one. Yes it was crucially important because it stopped teaching/learning something that is effective and important in a human beings development but in no way can they mean All gay rights.

      Let’s get some prospective on this.

      Yes it may have made a difference in my life because it was at that time I was raped and being bullied for being Gay at school. Being able to confront and learn would have been better but it didn’t stop me being Gay. It didn’t take away my right to be who I am.

      1. Jock, I can’t believe that after all that’s come out about Thatcher’s insidious Section 28 in the last week that you have said only that “it stopped teaching/learning something that is effective and important”. Once again: Section 28 went much much farther than just stopping the teaching of “something that is important”. Section 28 very very seriously DIMINISHED and MARGINALISED gay people in this country. If I used the word “DEMOTED”, does that mean more to you?

        Thatcher made it a criminal offence to say anything, or do anything, positive in any school with regard to homosexuality, or famous homosexual people, or homosexual pupils.

        1. Well said. And it did all that without ever having to prosecute anyone.

          It was also an attack on free speech and the rights of all children to be given all the facts, gay or straight.

  2. who cares what that odious Mathew Paris has to say …

  3. Peter & Michael 17 Apr 2013, 1:22pm

    The brother of Francis Maude died of Aids during the time of Section 28, how many other kids committed suicide and how many doctors refused to treat people with Aids in those sad times, many had to travel to London or be left to die in the Provinces. We know because we were treated like phariahs when our doctor was informed that we were in a long time gay relationship.

    1. I know what you’re talking about, P & M, and good for you for REMEMBERING. So many people are prepared to accept the massive whitewash there has been over the last week re. Thatcher.

      Apparently it was said at the funeral just now that “We’re all Thatcherites to some extent”. Crap! I reject every last shred of Thatcher’s philosophy. Count me one with Glenda Jackson’s view of her legacy.

  4. Number of words Pink News quotes by a gay protester; 16!
    Well that balances out all the times recently PN’s said she was a “gay icon”, doesn’t it?

    1. I am with fagburn on this one issue. The vile tory media’s fawning over that homophobic old bat has been nauseating.

  5. Protesting a funeral… Sadly reminds me of what the Westboro group like to do.

    1. I agree Evan, the funeral is about the family who are left morning their loss, they shoud be allowed to bury their family member without a protest, there is a time and a place. The funeral is not it.

      1. Roland Chesters 17 Apr 2013, 3:01pm

        Actually that funeral was held yesterday in St Mary’s Crypt. Today’s event was not a funeral but a political manouver of the very worst kind

        1. Well said, Roland! And while most of the British population have been fully aware of the very divided feelings there have been and are, the MILLIONS who watched the ceremony abroad will have been brainwashed into believing that the death of some truly great and wondrous Prime Minister of Great Britain has been a tragedy that we all mourn . . . which is false.

          1. How dare you accuse the majority of your fellow countrymen and women of being brainwashed just because they hold a different opinion from you? What supreme arrogance!. Margaret Thatcher was elected Prime Minister three times – thats three times more than you, so until you can equal her record stop your bitter and twisted griping.

            Did you attend her funeral today? I did and saw 1000’s of ordinary, decent people of all ages, colours and backgrounds mourning her passing and a couple of lonely, shifty-looking protesters. Sorry that doesn’t accord with your old fashioned ideas of class war!
            i att

        2. Well said Roland, they didn’t have to drag her through the streets. OUR streets, and pay for it with OUR money. That gives anyone the right to protest. It was a political display, nothing more.

          She was NOT Winston Churchill.

    2. Well said Evan. Doesn’t matter who she was or what she done at the end of the day she was still someones Mother and Grandmother. Shame on those who felt it necessary to protest at the funeral of an 87 year old woman. People actually sicken me.

    3. Well said Evan. No matter who she was or what she did at the end of the day she was still someones Mother and Grandmother. Shame of those who decided to protest at the funeral of an 87 year old woman. People make me sick.

      1. Apologies. My computer went off on one and I thought my first post never made it so wrote it again.

        1. No problem Michael, both were equally boring and uninteresting.

          1. Hilarious.

          2. And you just prove my point. You sicken me that you would find the death of an old woman boring and uninteresting. You may as well join the Westboro cult as you would fit in nicely. Idiot. Comments like this make me ashamed to be a member of the GAy Community. We demand tolerance and respect yet apparently cannot tolerate or respect others. No wonder we are demonised. Its do as I say and not as I do.

    4. This was not a private funeral of the type the Westboro group pickets. This was a public event funded by the tax payer. People are well within their rights both legally and morally to voice their opionion. If there had been a desire for privacy it could have been achieved quite easily. Instead, it was a political statement that should not have gone unchallenged.

  6. Godric Godricson 17 Apr 2013, 1:38pm

    Where’s the “Tax Payers Alliance” when it comes to protesting against waste and folly by Government? If it’s a Tory funeral then they go quiet. Curious.

    1. These funeral arrangements were made a number of years ago, firstly by Mr Blair and then finalised by Mr Brown,
      still lets not have the facts stand in the way of socialist bias

    2. Spanner1960 19 Apr 2013, 4:17pm

      The taxpayers alliance is a total joke.

  7. Why title this ‘Thatcher opponents stage funeral protests’ when that’s dealt with in the first three lines, and – apart from McKellen – the rest is reprinting old quotes by Tories?

  8. Having studied politics for a number of years my overall impression of Thatcher is that anyone claiming her legacy is either ‘great’ or ‘evil’ is probably wrong.

    It’s somewhere in the middle – a lot of good, a lot of bad.

    I went and tolled the church bell 87 times today. I did it as a mark of respect to an elderly woman, with children and grandchildren, who did what she thought was best for this country as Prime Minister for more than 11 years. I’d have done it for anyone in that position.

    Those who protested silently – the back turners etc. – at least retained their own dignity. I find those who threw things at the coffin, or held parties, disgusting.

  9. Shame on the gay community for protesting the funeral. Like her or hate her, Thatcher was great.

    1. I would say you;re a silly idiot but I can’t be arsed to be honest. How any intelligent gay could think that evil witch was ‘great’ after section 28 is seriously in need of medication


    1. Well why don’t you send in a personal cheque then. I can then have my share back.

      1. nice name…..

        1. Have you sent your cheque in yet?

          1. Im a millionaire…Margaret’s children….worked my
            arse off for what i wanted…and i got it ….thank you..

    2. John No point in talking to idiots like this. Vile creatures who crawl out of a hole every now and again to make some stupid point. Anyway love her or hate her she was one of the best Prime Ministers Britain ever had and deserved a nice funeral. Though I don’t agree with all her policies especially section 28 I have no hatred for her as I don’t hold grudges and can actually get past these things.

  11. “Tens of thousands of people, primarily supporters, lined the streets ”

    I’d like to see the proof. On any day there are tens of thousands of tourists in London. Are you telling me every tourist in London today wasn’t going to take the opportunity to see a ceremony like this?

    1. Oh John it just had to be you that marked me down.


  12. Ah well. The lady’s not for returning!

    I still remember the physical pain I felt in my gut when I saw her on the news making that infamous statement about teaching children that they have an inalienable right to be gay and the thunderous applause it received.

  13. I do think it’s completely in bad taste, considering the current climate in the UK in regards to the budget. £10 million is too much for a funeral.
    I’m not saying that she didn’t deserve a funeral, but it should have been paid for by her estate. She really wasn’t that great of a leader to deserve a state funeral or even a military one.

    The severe limiting of the right of the people to have their say on Margaret Thatcher has been disturbing, the silencing of Big Ben, frankly, reminiscent of Soviet Russia. This is supposed to be England. A Democracy. The Tories should be ashamed of themselves and quite frankly be thrown out of power.

    The Queen attending, I’m not in the least bit surprised. It’s not like she’s openly supporting of homosexuality, she can’t even bring herself to say the word. Her husband is an outdated racist git and quite frankly an embarrassment to the Commonwealth.

  14. Spanner1960 19 Apr 2013, 4:12pm

    Nice to see the handful of lefties got drowned out by everyone that still has faith in Great Britain.

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