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Nancy Reagan supports same-sex marriage says daughter Patti Davis

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Reader comments

  1. Thank god you’ve told us. I haven’t slept for weeks, worrying.

  2. Scott Larsen 17 Apr 2013, 6:36pm

    Sorry. Too little, too late jumping on the equality bandwagon. I was involved in politics in the 80’s and a health care provider who cared for those dying with AIDS. Reagan really practiced, ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ not even mentioning AIDS during his first term and little during his second. I think this is the Reagan family’s attempt to re-brand RR’s image. Sorry but there are enough of us around to remember his heartless policies and attitude towards gays and lesbians an dthose with HIV/AIDS.

  3. She was a strange one, that Nancy.

  4. Although I was not a fan if President Reagan I do appreciate Patti giving us some insight to her father that many of us did not know.

  5. What is wrong with you have some respect, She was a First Lady. I don’t care if that does not mean anything to you but it does to me. Watch your mouth.

  6. You are not relevant either, go figure.

  7. The young Ronald Reagan was a handsome athletic looking hopeful actor who couldn’t act his way out of a damp paper bag, he must have been doing some extra services for the directors and producers to get himself those early bit parts in the movies back in the day (when all the wanna-be young stars were expected to perform on the casting couch).

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