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European Parliament calls on European Commission to increase efforts against trans discrimination

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Reader comments

  1. thelostdot 17 Apr 2013, 2:05pm

    Some background info here would be useful – it isn’t clear why this is necessary or what can be done.

    1. factsandfigures 17 Apr 2013, 2:22pm

      The Europan Parliament also “On 14 March 2013 the European Parliament called for a ban on homophobic and transphobic hate crime/speech.”

      Also related information, refer

    2. factsandfigures 17 Apr 2013, 3:06pm

      Should find useful

    3. Staircase2 19 Apr 2013, 2:42am

      I’m assuming you didn’t actually read the article then, thelostdot…

  2. keith, moral instructor to immorals 17 Apr 2013, 4:45pm

    Would it not be better to treat the mental cases that have the mental disease ‘Gender Dysphoria’?
    It has always been a criminal offence to inflict violence on a person so why single out preferred minorities for extra protection against speech?
    What next, a law to protect the ginger haired from abusive soeech?

    1. Andrew Moore 17 Apr 2013, 8:56pm

      Transgender people are treated worse than any other minority, they have over a 40% attempted suicide rate (compared to a 1.6% cisgender attempted suicide rate), they face huge discrimination in schools, over 75% feel unsafe to even go to school because they are transgender. Transgender people get fired on a day to day basis, they are denied houses, and they have to go through years of therapy and a $40,000+ (US dollars) surgery, just to face a little less discrimination and feel right in their own body. They deserve these rights.

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