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Poll: 62% of New Jersey residents would vote in favour of equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. That’s all fine and dandy.

    But minority rights being dependent on a popular vote is a truly disgusting concept.

    It means LGBT people places like Poland and Mississippi and Greece and Russia will never be equal citizens (or they’ll have to wait decades).

    Voting on someone’s rights is a sign of a backward attitude towards human and civil rights.

  2. I wonder if Governor Christie still thinks this should go to referendum, now that it’s clear that such a referendum would decide in favour of something he’s against?

  3. History repeats itself again and again…

    Women back in the early 1900’s in New Jersey State males voted down on a referendum on female surrage or voting rights!!!!!!!

    It is just the same Proposition 8 all over again, this time in New Jersey!

    Have we learned anything people???

    Minorities should NOT be subject to a majority vote – it is called civil, political and human rights!!!!

    Lets sack the fat bigoted turd of a Governor NOW!

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