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Hawaii: Judge rules in favour of lesbian couple turned away by B&B

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Reader comments

  1. Thank goodness that the judge has ruled in favour.

    When will people learn that if they want to open their homes up as a B&B business, then they MUST follow the law and they cannot turn people away based on their sexuality.

    I wonder too if there is any legal protection for un-married straight couples as they are also discriminated against too.

  2. You cannot change hearts and minds through legislation. But it’s amazing how attitudes (particualrly religious ones) ‘evolve’ once you start to hit people in the pocket …..

  3. IF you don’t want certain types of people in your home don’t run a business from home.


    Religious liberty has nothing to do with it.

  4. OMG, it's a slippery slope! 16 Apr 2013, 2:54pm

    OMG, if I let gay couples stay in my hotel they might do..naughty things! and then I wont be able to stop thinking about …naughty things! And that makes me so uncomfortable!

    1. Then it’s u that needs help and to get your mind out of the gutter

  5. You can just bet your bottom dollar that if the owner of the B&B were turned away at a hotel because he/she was a bigot, you’d hear screaming to the high heavens.

    That moralizing foot is a size 11 and the retributive shoe, a size 6. Ouch! I’ll bet it really pinched when the court judged against them.

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