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Zambia: Lawmakers seek to ban ‘homosexuality’ and ‘lesbianism’ in new constitution

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Reader comments

  1. DivusAntinous 15 Apr 2013, 12:29pm

    These nations impetuously demand independence, pride themselves on being free democratic people’s republics, then proceed to arrest their citizens for freely speaking out against oppressive laws as is their democratic right.

    1. They aren’t as free or as independent as they like to believe. They have put themselves in thrall to evangelicals.

  2. one more country that joins the long list of countries deserving a blanket total boycott. We still live in the dark ages and history shall judge us very very harshly.

    1. Zambia, Nigeria, Uganda and Zimbabwe all have anti-gay bills in there parliament and Russia also has a bill in there parliament that will outlaw “gay propaganda” [whatever that means]

  3. The government of Zambia is effectively saying to all of its many gay and lesbian citizens, young and old, you CANNOT BE who you ARE!

    This is an act of supreme cruelty.

    Fill in the form on the feedback page of the Zambian Embassy’s website (London), and tell them what you think of Zambia’s intentions.

    1. One possible message to send:

      By pushing ahead with plans to further ban same-sex activity in Zambia’s new constitution, the government of Zambia is effectively saying to all of its many gay and lesbian citizens, young and old, “You CANNOT BE who you ARE!”

      This is an act of supreme cruelty and is in contravention to the United Nations’ Charter of Human Rights.

      It is therefore clear that Zambia is a backward, primitive, and barbaric nation.

      Please grant all homosexual people in Zambia full equality with heterosexual people.

  4. If anyone can locate an email address or direct webform for the Zambian, please share.

    1. Aurelius83 15 Apr 2013, 1:35pm

      Details for the Zambian High Commission are:

      Zambia House
      2 Palace Gate
      W8 5NG
      T: 02075896655
      F: 02075811353

  5. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 15 Apr 2013, 1:39pm

    Hang on the planned constitution says “you can not discrimination on the basis of sex [etc]”

    Well there you go then… a ban on gay sex is unconstitutional then hey!!!!!!

    Hey North Korea, please do not put a missile at the United States – aim the missile at north Africa and at Robert Mugabe place instead!!!!

    Africa is completely and utterly fucked up continent – even Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Uganda have some wacky 17th century anti-gay laws they want by both Christians and Muslims running the country!!!!!!

    African Lawmakers should be only and I mean only focused on ELIMINATING HUNGER AND POVERTY, HUMAN RIGHTS, AIDS TREATMENT AND POSSIBLE RESEARCH INTO A CURE FOR AIDS, EDUCATION and HOUSING – not anti-gay bills and anti-gay laws as such!!!!!!

    Priorities hey!!!!!!

    Why are both christian and muslim Taliban bigots and morons so focused on gay sex so much?????

  6. Trade sanctions, boycotts and do not spend your money or be a tourist there – and that should hit them in the pocket!!!!!!!!

  7. backward fools – evolution seems to have passed these morons by –

  8. Is it just coincidence that progressive, successful countries are pushing ahead with marriage equality while the remedial countries are going in the other direction?

    There is a pattern here and they don’t seem to be able to spot it?

  9. It is really worrying how the world is starting to divide on this issue. A diagonal line from South America to Europe. Everything West supportive, everything East against.

    Africa and Eurasia contain a huge proportion of the world’s population and resources, and will be in the ascendency in a few short decades. I really hope there are some more breakthroughs for gay rights in the these regions soon or we’re going to get a utopian/dystopian split for LGBT people.

    The damage of evangelicalism in Africa and Putin in Russia better not be too long-lasting. A very sudden (and possible) change of heart from the likes of China or India by 2020 could make the world of difference to opinions.

  10. The penalty they want to impose for’ homosexuality’ or’ lesbianism’ is 14 years in prison. This barbaric idea has been introduced by the christians. Sitting on the comitte to introduce this legislation is Bishop David Masupa who is pushing hard for it. Time for european Bishops who claim to be nonhomophobic to speak up ?

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