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US: Gay soldier files appeal over $100 White House protest fine

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Reader comments

  1. Now that the law has been abolished, the state has recognised that they were wrong. His conviction shouldn’t stand

    1. Ok, first correction: he isn’t being fined for DADT. SO whether or not DADT has been repealed has no bearing on whether or not he has to pay a fine.

      Second correction: Regardless of whether the law has been repealed or not (let’s just assume for an instant that his arrest and subsequent fine are directly the result of DADT), he was arrested and fined while that law was in effect. There is no retroactive “get out of jail free” card. So even if the law is now repealed, his conviction would still stand. He would need to have the verdict overturned. There is no automatic vacating of a conviction.

      But since the first correction is the most important one here, the state has NOT “recognized that they were wrong”. He was arrested for chaining himself to the White House gates, not for being openly gay while in the US military. He deserved the $100 fine. Anyone else would have to pay a fine like that.

      As I said, his arrest, conviction, and fine are NOT direct results of DADT.

      1. Well said. I am right behind his actions but if you deliberately break the law in protest you expect to face the punishment. That is part of the protest.

        The Greenham women got arrested and imprisoned by breaking the law to highlight their protest against nuclear weapons. They didn’t then complain when the cruise missiles were sent back that they had been wrongly imprisoned.

        If he takes his protest further and refuses to pay the fine that is his right but chances are he will then be imprisoned for non payment.

        Seems to me the case is already won and the law repealed so there wouldn’t be much point in him going to prison now.

  2. .....Paddyswurds 15 Apr 2013, 7:37pm

    Can someone please tell me what a solider is?

    1. It’s Scott’s 969th trypo !

    2. it means that Dan Choi is more solid than other people… you know, he’s solider.

      1. It is that solid military muscle?

  3. Michael Heynz 15 Apr 2013, 8:08pm

    While I appreciate everything everyone has done to help erase this law, Dan Choi only worked to increase his own popularity. His rabid hatred for Obama has been there long before and long after the repeal of DADT spurred on by many Firebaggers and Professional Leftists who never wanted to give Obama credit for everything, especially not for the fact that Obama is THE MOST PRO-GAY President in the history of the United States.

    1. Seems a bit harsh ! Do you have any factual evidence to support your allegations?

      Dan’s campaign has achieved a lot, but at very great personal cost. He would no doubt have had a much easier life if he had not fought for what he believes in so passionately, but I can’t see why that’s a valid reason to criticise him.

      BTW, what’s your honourable record in these matters?

    2. Jay Haskell 5 Jun 2013, 3:36pm

      I completely agree with you. I just posted a response to Choi’s actions in a similar vein. Had I read yours, I would not have bothered. He is just too self-promoting for me.

  4. On the other hand 16 Apr 2013, 12:29am

    In this country he probably would have got a conditional discharge, i.e. get no record but agree to be of good behaviour for a year; or even bette the Crown would probably have offered no evidence, so a complete discharge. SUrely they have something similar in the States that could have been used?

  5. Pay the damn fine and go find some other way to keep your name in the public domain. That’s what seems to be Choi’s objective here.

  6. The U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom to peaceably assemble. The White House is owned by every American not a regime.
    No damage was caused in this, unjustly defamed, soldier’s protest in front of the abusive office that prompted his action. The White House should back down from the fine. It is not warranted.

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