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Manchester: Lib Dem MP tables Early Day Motion in support of tackling homophobic football chants

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Reader comments

  1. factsandfigures 15 Apr 2013, 6:04pm

    This is not the first EDM that has been raised in Parliament, I refer to as examples. and

    Parliament has some 650 MP’s, 97 signatures as shown above. It will be interesting to see the current numbers of MP’s sign up to this current EDM and show the increase/decrease in support.

    It is not just Football that has this issue, its in Cricket and other sports.

  2. Wouldn’t a better starting point be to ask “WHY are people homophobic?” Once we clearly establish that homophobia is driven by self-loathing … and inner-fear about ones own sexuality … any ‘homophobe’ would be fairly stupid to continue their hatred, wouldn’t they?

    1. keith, moral instructor to immorals 16 Apr 2013, 11:05am

      Why are people heterophobic or bibliophobic? Who cares? It is not illegal as long as you don’t incite hatred. Perhaps people are homophobic because they know that homosexual males are 50 times as likely ti have AIDS than hetero males. Perhaps it is the constant in you face parades where they flaunt their promiscous lifestyles in front of innocent children. Perhaps it is the fact that the homos are accelerating moral decay in society.
      Whatever the reason, people have a right to homophobia. People understand that homosexuality benefits the wider society in no way whatsoever whereas heterosexuality ensures the survival of the human race.

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