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Australia: Liberal leader Tony Abbott reiterates opposition to equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Surely both he and Julia Gillard know that all they’re doing in opposing equal marriage is delaying the inevitable. Public opinion is way ahead of political opinion on this issue in Australia, and neither will be looked back on positively when history is eventually made.

    1. Sad but true. They seem to forget that they are there to represent the people but all they are there for is what they can get out of it to feed their own egos!

  2. JackAlison 15 Apr 2013, 5:33pm

    welcome to OZ
    a real backwater
    u cannot imagine the bigotry rascism and hatred towards minorities indigenous ppl that exist in this country.
    the racial discrimination act was suspended in 2007 against Australian blacks to allow the police, military and medical to move in. This has never been reinstituted(because 40 per cent of the world’s known deposits of uranium exist on black Australian reservations!!) Indian students have been assaulted over recent years and beaten up because they are Indian. Police routinely target Black African immigrants in Melbourne and racially profile them…and gay ppl. are constantly subjected to a barrage of insults from The ACL australian christian lobby… all faith based schools and services incl. hospitals are allowed to discriminate if you are gay and these exemptions are enshrined in the federal and state discrimination acts…You join the dots… i could on ..but you get the picture..IF YOUR’E WHITE ANGLO SAXON YOULL DO VERY WELL IN AUSTRALIA

    1. Jack – Australia has its problems and issues as does any country and society but your portrayal of the country as ‘a real backwater’ is completely incorrect. The intervention into highly dysfunctional remote indigenous communities was actually welcomed by many in those communities – in particular women. Melbourne has issues relating to violence and discrimination (name a big city that doesn’t?) – but if it is so hopeless and ‘backward’ why is it overrall, such a successful multicultural centre? Plenty of people who are not ‘white anglo saxon’ are doing quite well here and appreciate the high quality of life. Your post seems to more reflect a personal anger and frustration rather than actual salient facts and objective observations. But yes, the marriage equality issue is getting ludricous here with both major parties. A weird abberation in what is otherwise (I am afraid to say in objection to you)< a progressive and forward thinking nation – albiet with issues to tackle

      1. JackAlison 16 Apr 2013, 8:01am

        Hey, but dont take my word for it look for yourself…lol
        And just for the record Australia is still the only so called western country that has no charter or bill of rights that is constitutionally enshrined. The Australian Govt. of whatever flavour can ride rough shod over rights that are only ‘implied’ by the AUSTRALIAN ?! ‘constitution’ which in effect was a series of ragamuffin hand me downs of Westminster traditions…you get the picture ..the elected govt. can virtually do what it likes and it does.Recently the Australian govt. was asked in its review by the united nations how it would protect the rights of its minorites and LGBTI ppl. when it had no legal structure to enshrine those rights…answer…”we’ll get back to you…”…lol….YES ROBERT I MUST BE MAKING THIS UP?!

        1. ‘ragamuffin hand me downs of westminster traditions’?? That created a largely peaceful and highly successful democracy I believe. Yes there is no bill of rights enshrined in the constitution but this certainly does not enable the govt to ‘do what it likes’ as you put it – this is only possible through an elected mandate from the people, our electoral system (of compulsory voting), of proportional representation allows an incredibly generous ability for all people’s voices to be heard. Not to forget powerful anti-discrimination laws. An enshrined bill of rights is NO guarantee for a govt to not discrimnate against it’s people! Your hyperbolic response implies a hellish nation that I am afraid is partly a figment of your anger and frustration – I do share some of that frustration too – but an objective response is often needed.

          1. Like I said these are traditions.
            The UNELECTED head of state is the Governor General.
            Unelected by the people of Australia. This person is the representative of THE QUEEN. This unelected representative of the queen in 1975 dismissed an elected Labor Govt. and caused a constitutional crisis. The advice of the Governor General is given directly to THE QUEEN and she ‘signs off’ on it. This is still in our ‘democracy.’ Furthermore it was only under ‘the australia act’ 1984 that australia no longer had to send its laws to to be ‘signed off’ by the UK privy council. This legal and binding connection to the UK is still in our ‘democracy.’ I dont think you realise how tenous and fragile human rights are when an unelected head of state can still dismis and elected govt. Also compulsory voting is NOT democratic it is compulsory. every other democracy incl. the UK and the USA have non obligatory voting.

  3. Australia was westernized as a penal colony.

    Their genetic heritage is showing.

    1. Yes we were westernized as a penal colony…
      A penal colony, that many people would love to live in…
      Don’t blame the whole population because of a few
      narrow minded, out of touch politicians…

  4. Liam the God 15 Apr 2013, 10:21pm

    So “Liberal” has a different meaning in Australia than elsewhere in the world (not to be confused with Lib-Dem, which is a synonym for “Treacherous Tossers!”)

    1. Yeah, confusing we know. In most other places ‘Liberals’ are left leaning, here in Oz the Liberal’s are the (generally) right of centre, Labor are the (generally) centre-left and the Greens are the far more left than Labor.

  5. Brett Gibson 16 Apr 2013, 1:02am

    Australia is a mess. I would never move there, I think I’d rather contend with our shitty weather, better than having to contend with bigots. My friends have always said Australia is a bit of a feral place. Must be true. You can tell they’re descendant from convicts – must have had a lasting effect on their psyche as a nation. Tut tut.

    1. Well if we are descended from convicts then where did they originate from?? Sure you are not descended from such stock yourself? Britain has the highest prison population in western europe. As for feral – errr – London riots circa 2012 ring a bell? Classy act wasn’t it? Brett, I have lived in both countries and ferals and bigots reside equally in both – tut tut? Tsk tsk then.

  6. New Zealand will have marriage equality in the next few months.

    France withing a month,

    Scotland, Wales, England next year.

    Australia cannot hold out forever. Just like when Australia had to join modernity and abolish it’s sodomy laws state by state.

    But maybe some compromises could be worked out now that would allow for marriage equality and special rights to discriminate for religious schools etc.

  7. I’m not in the least bit surprised. I’m not voting for him anyway. I don’t trust him or Turnbull. I also think that Julie Bishop is an arse.

    1. Richard… you are being very, very kind to “Julie Bishop”!
      What I refer to Julie Bishop as… is something I can’t post…
      But the word begins with, “C”…!

  8. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 16 Apr 2013, 4:51am

    News just in:

    Tony Abbott wants slavery back in force and aboriginals treated like fauna!

    My country Australia is a laughing stock now that New Zealand has same sex marriage now!

    When will Australia have SSM, I bet the way our politicians are going in the year 2050!

  9. Neither leader are willing to listen to the what the people of the country are saying, a large amount are in favour of same sex marriage, yet Abbot & Gillard continue to ignore the electorate!

  10. I would have thought ‘Liberal’ and ‘Equality’ would go hand-in-hand? They obviously think of ‘equality’ differently in Australia judging by the way they treated their Aboriginals …..

  11. But we all support marriage between a man and a woman, however those of us who support marriage equality also support marriage for same sex couples.

    Unlike Tony Abbott, we don’t think a basic human and civil right to marriage should be exclusively for opposite sex couples.

    Tony Abbott is for excluding same sex couples from a basic human and civil right to pursue happiness by marrying the person they love. he is simply too cowardly to directly say it.

  12. This man is beyond belief! If you thought Thatcher was bad you ain’t seen nothing yet. She at least had principles – which we might not have liked, but at least she had them, This man has none! He will say and do ANYTHING as it suits him and has very strong ties to the Catholic church, except in the areas of integrity and moralilty

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