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US: Gay ‘Glee’ actor Jonathan Groff to appear in comedy TV pilot

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Reader comments

  1. Um… They’ve already done gay Sex and the City. It was called Queer As Folk US. Hell, you could even argue Noahs Arc was kind of a gay version of Sex and the City, it’s been done. I’m all for shows with gay themes and plot lines, but at least use an original idea xx

  2. Let me guess… one of these gay men will live up to the stereotypical ‘flamboyant’ idea.

    1. Well, some men are flamboyant and feminine. Why shouldn’t they get as much positive representation as everyone else?? xx

      1. In my honest opinion because they are offensive and negative stereotypes that only hurt and damage the credibility, the seriousness and the acceptance of the LGBT community within the general society. The effeminate flaming flamboyant gay man may even exist within the gay community, but it’s still a terrible stereotype that carries negatives notions of superficiality, narcisism, materialism, attention-seeking self-absorbed male bimbos, just like the bling-bling-obsessed gun-carrying gangsta rapper stereotype among urban black people. Of course, I am not a gay man, I am a bisexual transgender in transition, so you may claim I know nothing about the gay community, but still that’a my opinion.

        1. I wasn’t going to claim that at all, i’m not that mean lol, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Mine is that gay men who are effeminate are being punished for being who they are, because of the stereotypes that were used a long time ago. I’m friends with a few men who are like that, and quite a few of them have said how they feel ostracized for just being who they are, even among the gay community. I think Chimamanda Adichie said it best, the problem with a stereotype isn’t that it’s wrong, but that it’s incomplete, which i think rings true here. Effeminate men are part of a rich tapestry of LGBT citizens, and shouldn’t be treated any worse for just being who they are. That’s just my opinion anyway xx

  3. Never heard of him. Can we have an update on how Lionel Blue’s gardening is coming along?

  4. Groff is an actor who happens to be gay, not a ‘gay actor’. *smh*

  5. A new TV series about three gay men living together ? I don’t know, I am a little tired of the excessive visibility and promotion of LGBT people in the media, we are always so stereotyped. I still haven’t recovered from the terrible Will & Grace and its insufferable and offensive stereotype Jack McFarland.

  6. I love the way people are slagging off a program before we get even the smallest details. Right miserable lot.

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