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US: Republican Party votes to reaffirm opposition to equal marriage and support for Prop 8

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Reader comments

  1. Great ! The hanged has now asked for the rope to be replaced with barbed wire.

  2. They are giving into the threats made against them by the religious right. Threats saying that they will cut all funding and support for the GOP.

  3. Once again establishing itself as the party of rich caucasian anti-intellectual rural straight fundamentalist Christian social darwinistic males (and practically no one else) who are still somehow deluded into thinking they have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning national elections. It’s like they’re trying to out-crazy the BNP. But the really scary part is that there are still entire (mainly rural) localities whose populations continually complain that their GOP elected officials still aren’t far enough to the right. One has to wonder how such extremism becomes so mainstream.

    1. “One has to wonder how such extremism becomes so mainstream.”

      The long term control of religion over the local educational and governmental processes.

      For generations those “rural localities” have had a religious Mafia with enormous influence filtering what their populations are taught, and sponsoring their own candidates for government. Free thought and true individuality is met with quick violence in the name of ‘love’. All it takes is for a ‘critical mass’ of isolated, insular nutjobs to re-enforce each others’ delusions and the pockets of mental illness all join up and the phenomenon spreads from small- to large-scale.

      Oh sorry, was that a rhetorical question? :P

  4. The party’s stance on this is more interesting than the press has reported.

    Since 2004, the Republican Party has supported a Federal Marriage Amendment to ban same-sex marriage under the constitution, including in those states where it is currently legal.

    On Thursday, anti-gay leaders threatened to withdraw support from the Republican Party unless they reaffirmed support for the FMA. .

    But the motion accepted by the RNC does not mention the FMA. This is not an oversight.

    Does this mean the Republican Party is pro-gay? Certainly not. They still oppose same-sex marriage; the party still works alongside anti-gay hate groups; across the US, Republicans work hard to deny us rights and equality.

    Republicans won’t win new gay friends with this pathetic gesture.

    But they will annoy their anti-gay allies.

    Expect more crazy anti-gay rhetoric. And the more the extremists talk, the more America dislikes what they say.

  5. What wonderful news! This will destroy their chances of being elected in a few years time.

  6. This is just political posturing. If they had voted to support same-sex marriage (which I’m sure many would have wanted) it would have caused a rift in the party between socially progressive and conservative that would have seriously weakened their chances to get back into the White House. As it stands they are increasingly out of touch with the majority of American on this issue but on average pro marriage equality conservatives who will leave the party over this issue are not as many as the ultraconservatives who would have forsaken them in the opposite scenario. Hopefully they are still a significant enough demographics that means the Democrats will remain in government. Bring it on Hillary!

  7. All the reports suggest this was unanimous but one member of the committee voted against: Bob Karbel. It was a voice vote and, as Karbel said afterwards: “I voice voted ‘no.’ Apparently no one heard me.”

    No one heard him because no one is listening to gay people in the Republican party.

    1. Fascinating. Sounds to me like the committee was desperate to get a unanimous vote.

  8. On the other hand 13 Apr 2013, 10:14am

    Not to forget their unpopular position on the right of crazy people to own machine guns.

    The need to replace their elephant logo with a dinosaur. A nasty one.

    1. Was just thinking that myself, though I’d choose any dinosaur from the end of the “Rite of Spring” segment in Disney’s Fantasia… limping on in an increasingly hostile landscape they’re unable to adapt to before faceplanting straight into the tarpit of history.

  9. Jock S. Trap 13 Apr 2013, 10:37am

    What a surprise…. Not!

    These people just can’t leave it can they? Even if all of the US give Marriage Equality we’re still up for debate.

    Well it’s time to show them we’re not and shouldn’t ever be.

    Sounds to me like they only vote against it for opposition sake, not for any rhyme nor reason… just to be in opposition which I hope they will remain for as long as they remain so bigoted.

  10. The Repubs have no backbones, only a stiff redneck.

  11. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Apr 2013, 11:48am

    They can kiss any chance of success in 2016 goodbye, another defeat and that’s a very good thing.

    Tory opponents pay extra attention and to those in the Lords, your days are numbered too as support for an elected chamber gathers momentum.

  12. Good. Should help keep them out of power!

  13. I wonder the dinosaurs said something similar just prior to their extinction.

  14. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Apr 2013, 1:24pm

    Meanwhile, France will be taking the final vote on equal marriage much earlier than anticipated. Instead of May 20, it will now take place on April 17. The Manif pour Tous hate groiup will be having a hissy fit trying to mobilise at such short notice.

  15. Christianity is to blame for this..a bunch of idiots and their old sacks dictating what’s right or wrong…time to retire or curl up in a hole somewhere

  16. And they say turkeys don’t vote for Christmas!

  17. Good. Now we know who NOT to vote.

  18. PeterinSydney 14 Apr 2013, 12:11am

    The sooner the funding is cut from teh wishy washy GOP lot, the better for the whole world. Bring on Hillary for 2016 and that will finish off this sorry mob for a long time.

  19. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 14 Apr 2013, 6:34am

    News just in, Republicans want slavery back too for black people!!!

    Republicans think the earth is flat, AIDS is a gay disease, abstinence cures STDs and pregnancy, marriage is for procreation and that women belong in the home cleaning, doing the dishes and making beds and dinner on the table for when the man gets home from work and also that babies in the womb should be legally allowed a gun – so the baby can stop the mother having a abortion!!!!

    Gee wizz Republicans are really on another planet!!!!!

    1. “Republicans think the earth is flat, AIDS is a gay disease, abstinence cures STDs and pregnancy…”

      Actually and really unfortunately it wouldn’t be so far from reality. It was in the news some months ago that fundamentalist Christian textbooks in public schools in Louisiana funded with tax-payer money teach that dinosaurs and humans lived together, the Ness Loch Monster is real and is a dinosaur that survived extinction and the there is proof that the dinosaurs were fire-breathing dragons. You can find many links in the internet but I will post at least one:

  20. Tide of truth:

    While we were deep in the closet for so-o-o many decades, people assumed many things about us. Myths, misconceptions and outright lies were formed and greatly aggravated by religious beliefs. These so called “facts” had inevitably became solidified through the profound and yet deafening silence of us being continually locked inside that closet. As the time went on, this misinformation was repeated, being repeated over and over again from person to person and from pulpit to pulpit unchallenged. This happened so much so that the old saying “Tell a lie enough times and it becomes truth” became true. Now that the closet is wide open. Now that people can actually visibly see us in person. Now that they can see us day to day functioning in the light of truth. They can now see that we are, at root, no different from any other minority. As with any minority you will always have from the very greatest of persons to the absolutely worst with the vast majority in between being av

  21. Continuation from previous post: average everyday people. In all these things, the well established lies about us are being rapidly obliterated. Obliterated by this deluge of truth.

  22. The Republicans support keeping assault weapons, inhibiting background checks, and preventing basic human rights, thus making them look more and more like the bigoted terrorists we’re trying to fight.

    Add to that their pleasure in reduced funding to schools (but arming them is ok!) and keeping good health only for the wealthy, and it makes you wonder if terrorism and fascism-thru-capitalism is acceptable only if you’re wealthy and believe in Jesus.

    Ranking in the bottom half of all social parameters, the only reason the US is not considered a third-world country is that it has more weapons than the rest of the planet combined and uses it to bully the rest of the world.

    Can I emigrate to Canada or UK, please!, based on these political, social and healthcare threats to my life?

  23. jonnielondon 14 Apr 2013, 4:05pm

    This will make the American Democratic Party extremely happy!!

  24. This may be their current objective, but as a mandate has not been thought through!

    The arguments and tactics being used are deservedly painting themselves into a corner. It will take a lot of strategist to prevent their party demise/recovery if the supreme court ruling sees either DOMA /or Prop 8 ruled unconstitutional or struck down.

    Any politician with half a brain would tread water until they know the outcome of both these cases, unless they “want” to commit political suicide!

    How stupid are these stands against human rights issues when by example they even affect your own family?

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