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Canada: Parents start campaign to remove ‘high risk’ status for gay organ donors, after son’s death

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Reader comments

  1. A silly policy with no basis on science. And in challenges, the court has deferred to the bureaucrats running Health Canada – saying this is a medical question, not a legal one. The reality is that if this young man had a girlfriend and not a boyfriend, his organs would have been used to save lives. No amount of government spin changes this fact.

    1. Why would I want to donate my organs? The last thing I want is to save a life of some homophobe. They do not deserve our organs.

  2. “a man or woman who is gay would fall into the high-risk category”, Hold on a min, lesbians actually are a lower risk then straight people for STDs. This sounds awfully like cowpoo to me.

  3. Dan Filson 13 Apr 2013, 2:00pm

    Fatuous not to realise that many “straight” have sex with other men. Te difference is that try keep it secret from their wives and families who then consent to organ donation.

  4. Christopher in Canada 13 Apr 2013, 4:55pm

    As usual, lesbians are not considered because of the double whammy of homo and misogyny.

    Ignorance knows no boundaries, no political borders.

  5. Stupid heath politics! Transplant policy has nothing to do with anyone’s sexuality. It’s about the condition of the donated organ and it’s cross match statistics. All donated organs are tested for their suitability including STDs and HIV. But to say a person cannot donate due to someones sexuality alone is just crazy. I consider many hetrosexuals to be high risk due to their constant sexual activities, many unprotected, week in week out, and on their boozed up ‘lets see how many we can shag’ holidays to the Med!

  6. This poor family. As if the loss of their son wasn’t bad enough. They want to give someone else the chance of life and it’s denied them because of his ‘high risk’ sexuality!!

    Do they ask straight people if they have unprotected sex? No..Someone who is straight or female is also capable of having aid/hiv as anyone who’s gay!

  7. I think it’s disgusting what we have to go thru during life but to be even spit on in trying to help others in death is really horrible. I have always tried to do my best in life and help people if I can and for some companies, organizations, religions and government always putting road blocks in our way we keep moving on and so do I.
    I am so sick of the way so many people think about us, I am not going into the rampage of all the rest of the stuff.
    To me this is just very upsetting for I have been an organ donor for most of my life and to have read this article really made me upset….

  8. Michael James 23 Apr 2013, 6:09pm

    I am in sensed by this Canadian Government diatribe. How dare the people facilitating the program asks such questions of a mother grieving. The family doctor would have the same information. Disgusting! Hey and how come the Bisexuals are not listed as high risk, playing on both sides of the fence has to have more risk than being gay. Ridiculous government policy, 100% discrimination.

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