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US: Delaware lawmakers introduce equal marriage bill

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Apr 2013, 12:08am

    I’m always amazed when bigots in opposition use the ‘redefine’ marriage red herring. None of them can actually provide any evidence of how it affects marriage for heterosexuals. They continue to marry in spite of it, they continue to have sex and procreate don’t they? Equal marriage isn’t redefining anything. What it does is expand an already existing legal union to include gay people. Nothing really changes for them. All it does is change the lives of gay couples, the only ones who will be affected. Civil marriage was never the domain of religion.

    I still find the American system of leaving it up to each state to decide weird. What if some don’t in the future? Thankfully, we don’t have that system in the UK, in fact nowhere in the EU.

    1. What about the Scottish Parliament and the Northern Ireland Assembly? They both have to bring in marriage equality separately from England and Wales as the issue’s devolved. Is that not the kind of the same thing? Northern Ireland probably won’t bring in marriage equality any time soon either.

  2. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 13 Apr 2013, 8:01am

    Hang on a minute, the Dalaware Legislature wraps up for the year next month in May – so the bill will just lapse!

    Why introduce a bill and then let the bill die a horrible death when the Legislature finishes for the year next month???!!!

    That means the bill has to get introduced again next year…

    The bill is called HB75.

    Also the bill (HB75) has only 23 co-sponsors, so the bill has not a chance of passing anyway. You need at least 22 yes votes in the lower house and at least 11 yes votes in the upper house of the Dalaware Legislature. The Delaware Death Penalty Repeal Bill passed an upper house vote of just 11-10 just recently too!

    The Democrat Governor supports it, but it is a different story if there is any support for the bill in the Legislature!

  3. Delaware will probably not be next. The Illinois House of Representatives will be voting in the next two weeks on marriage equality. If it passes the governor has already said he’ll sign it.

    My guess is Illinois will be the next (10th) state.

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