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South African cardinal: ‘I can’t be accused of homophobia because I don’t know any homosexuals’

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Reader comments

  1. Garry Cassell 12 Apr 2013, 6:29pm

    Sad to see that good young people die as a result of the hatred of people like you…yet your logic is beyond explanation…you are really a dumb fuck who don’t deserve to live so long…why don’t you just crawl in a hole somewhere out of total shame until death takes over your sad body..

    1. … and someone can’t be racist because they’ve never met a black person? Moron. These people are looking increasingly vile. You would think they would be more sympathetic to the cause of minorities, especially as South Africa didn’t exactly treat black people as ‘equal’ until the relatively recent past. ‘Loving christianity’? Pah!!!

  2. A man of his age has never met a ‘homosexual’? Either the ones he met knew not to come out to him or he’s so heteronormative that he doesn’t see what he doesn’t want to see – and THINKS he’s never met a homosexual. What’s more, given his age and role, why hasn’t he reached out to the LGBT community, or don’t their spiritual needs matter to him?

    1. He is lying. He spends time in Rome which everyone knows is a seething pit of not so discrete queenie priests, screwing around like there is no tomorrow. It is possible not to trip over them.

      1. No, John, what you mean is that it is NOT possible NOT TO trip over them; they are in every crack in the pavements .. .. and that’s only the cracks in the pavement..


      2. Yep, we mustn’t forget the news that came out a couple of weeks ago of the large apartment block in Rome bought by a cardinal and populated by senior Vatican clerics . . . with what has been claimed to be Europe’s largest gay sauna on the ground floor!

        1. Not to mention that gay porn is being downloaded into Vatican City.

  3. Alice Bondi 12 Apr 2013, 6:46pm

    So presumably all those white people who thought blacks were inferior weren’t actually racist, as they’d never met a black person.

  4. That There Other David 12 Apr 2013, 6:47pm

    All this proves is that this man doesn’t understand the word “homophobia”.

    Have it your way Cardinal. You’re not a homophobe. You’re just a bigoted fool, not to mention a complete charlatan who should get a real job.

  5. AND I can’t be a racist if I don’t know any black people?
    I can’t hate the catholic cardinal because I don’t know him?
    He now knows child abuse is a crime AND a medical condition? He must be getting a education on the job, as he talks on the news.
    I thought to be a cardinal you should be educated and Christ-like. Am I ever getting educated too!

    1. Well said! Given the size of the BJ lips on that little princess, “methinks the lady doth protest too much.”

  6. Sounds facetious to me.

    1. Facetious usually implies humour or amusement are somehow intended. This just came across as lacking in wit and intelligence.

      1. yea… making light of a serious issue, and he does have quite a smirk on his face…

    2. Also . . .

      Sounds like a petulant self-referential way of taking the P**S

      Nothing new there then!!!

  7. And now we know what level of intelligence it takes, what capacity of logic and reason is required, to become a cardinal.

    1. Yep, Rehan. Sheer holy ambition, along with a strong inclination to dissimulation, hypocrisy, and an ability to feign piety, is all that’s required!

  8. Vile hideous bigoted man. Typical of a catholic cardinal. Evil to the core.

  9. Cardinal, in the Catholic church homosexuals go by the name ‘priest’. See, you know loads of them, after all!

  10. Well, that certainly was an unexpected line.
    They normally say they are not homophobic because they do know homosexuals, not because they don’t.

  11. Oh wow! He thinks you know no gay person (surely he does, unless he has been in a closed monastery all his life… no, strike that, surely he does!) and yet he dares to accuse gay people of a crime akin to slavery, say we’ll go to hell and really believe it! That my friends is the very definition of homophobia!

    1. “He thinks he knows”

      Changed my sentence to third person as I was writing it and forgot to correct it all the way through… Sorry…

  12. Thick as pigshit

  13. Stupid and ugly, what a combination.

  14. Surely he knew Cardinal O’Brien?

  15. What is the education level of these men ?

    The slavery analogy is a bit of a stretch.

    As to paedophilia – nobody is denying the disorder it is not an illness. But what is criminal is when adults sexually abuse children, which people suffering paedophilia have a propensity to do.

    You have to wonder if this guy has some cognitive problems. His association of concepts is quite loose.

    1. It’s been my observation that these people ARE NOT educated. They know their dogma inside and out, but otherwise know nothing about real life–nothing about biology, history, sociology, political science, geology and so on: the basics of a liberal education (as offered in the US, at least).

      No one with a real education would say the things that these men say; they wouldn’t want to hear the laughter.

  16. Robert A. Cuthbertson, M.D. 12 Apr 2013, 7:49pm

    Now that is the epitomy of denial……he only has to look around the college of cardinals……

    1. Donald B. Farquharson-Booth, BChir, LRCPS, DRCPath, FRCS, 13 Apr 2013, 2:02pm

      or, according to Catherine Deveney’s article in last Sunday’s Observer magazine, just recall the private secretary to no less than three different popes!

      See last few paragraphs at link below:

  17. Africans who think they can accuse westerners of imperialism or slavery every time they are criticised for human rights abuses, make me sick.

    The Catholic Church and there condom and contraception fetish is helping to keep Africa in poverty, (therefore, reliant on foreign aid) and it’s killing African men, women and children

    1. their not there

    2. And the Catholic Church, of which he is a leader, is the very mother of Imperialism and Colonialism.

  18. johnny33308 12 Apr 2013, 8:08pm

    Wow! A Catholic bigot…..What a novelty!

  19. Oh… my… god, it’s like talking with a five year old.
    Seriously, aren’t these the Vatican’s A-squad? Cardinals are supposed to have scores of academic qualifications under their belt, right?
    Or do they store them in a locked basement with just a speak and spell, a bible and a torch for company until required?
    He actually thinks you need to have met a gay person to be homophobic? Wow… just wow.

  20. You don’t have to know any homosexuals to be homophobic, and you know that, you cretin!

  21. PeterinSydney 12 Apr 2013, 8:19pm

    Napier must be just an ignorant bigot.

  22. I’ve never met a penguin……..

    Strange bloke, must of lived a sheltered life or some of associates must be lying (think its the latter!)

  23. Look in your mirror Wilfred! You’ll see a big, old black homosexual staring right back at you!

  24. She should take a look in the mirror. Big fucken evil old queen.

    1. A bit below the belt, doug, that final comment, but it did make me chuckle!

      It’s good to express one’s gut reactions from time to time!

  25. “South African cardinal has rejected accusations that he is homophobic, saying it is impossible because he knows no gay people.”

    I’m guessing that the above conclusion might just be a clue to why he only passed the RS one at O level?

  26. In such a Catholic country as Poland are there almost no Jews today but intisemitism is still observable. Some people who never met any Jew in their life are explicit antisemits.

  27. Good, I hate Russians but I am no Slavophobe because I also don’t know any Russian.

  28. Staircase2 13 Apr 2013, 1:43am

    What a bloody idiot!

    You don’t have to ‘know’ gay people to be homophobic…you just have to be…er…homophobic…

  29. A homophobic statement of the year!

  30. Frank Boulton 13 Apr 2013, 5:37am

    I don’t think that Hitler had any Jewish friends either. I don’t think that I need to elaborate about where this sort of false logic leads us.

  31. Har Davids 13 Apr 2013, 7:51am

    Let’s see: I don’t think Eskimos deserve to be respected as the human beings they obviously are, but I’m sure they’re a threat to the traditions of our non-Eskimo society.

    You can’t accuse me of Eskimofobia, because I’ve never met any. Makes sense, and now substitute Eskimo with whatever group you want.

  32. Oh, you DO, Wilf, lovey, you most certainly DOOOO….!

  33. Joseph Carmel Chetcuti 13 Apr 2013, 10:41am

    He is either a liar or he has not looked hard enough. The Catholic hierarchy is full of ‘us’.

  34. Jock S. Trap 13 Apr 2013, 10:47am

    A lazy excuse to spew nonsense.

    It doesn’t work… he fails…. the bigots just get more hilarous…. and pathetic!

  35. 1. Wilfrid Napier you DO know homosexuals. Lots of ’em. But they’re all terrified of letting on to the likes of bigoted you!

    2. An individual can absolutely be homophobic and not know any homosexual people personally. In fact the reason for their not knowing any homosexual people is their homophobia: they steadfastly avoid any possibility of interacting with homosexual people.

    How is it possible that supposedly intelligent and high-ranking members of the different cults think that their beliefs are not transparently idiotic?

    I can only put it down to living in ivory towers, not being in touch with intelligent thinking folk.

  36. April Parr 13 Apr 2013, 2:07pm

    Forced to cater to someone else’s agenda….like people of other faiths are forced to cater to the “christian” agenda. Sorry, but when people start making noise over a law and saying that it has to stay that way because their god said so, that’s when you see whose agenda really comes forward.

  37. I know no homosexuals, therefore, I am an expert on homosexuality.

  38. That’s like someone back during the Red Scare saying that they could not be afraid of Communists because they did not know any.


    Oh…I want one of these, espesh for the “could of” brigade.

    And I wonder if there will be one for the “eppselootlee” group, “going forward”…?

    Sweet JC..!


  40. Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier doesn’t know any homosexuals and he also doesn’t know his arse from his elbow.

    That such an ignoramus can rise to become a Cardinal should be shocking but it seems to be more the rule than the exception.

    He probably doesn’t know why he keeps sucking young seminarians cocks too …

    (Aww, just joking… I think!)

  41. just another charlatan in a fancy costume attempting to lure the masses (and purses) of the uneducated, the bigoted, regressive traditionalists, and right wingers to his cause with his stupid comments and a feigned attempt of playing the victim of a “secret world-wide gay agenda” – fool!

  42. metcomedia 16 Apr 2013, 4:29am

    It is no surprise the Catholic Archbigot of Durban knows no homosexuals. Gay people should never come out to someone who can cause them physical and emotional harm or even death. Some day he will have to answer to God for the sins he committed in his name!

  43. What an idiot!

    Chances are, he has met more than one homosexual, after all, we was locked in a room with 115 men recently while choosing their new leader.

    So, if statistically speaking, 1 in 10 men are gay, there was at least 10 gay men also choosing the new Pope!

    1. Spanner1960 17 Apr 2013, 12:27am

      I would suggest that was a very hedged bet, considering the Catholic clergy.

  44. It’s disgusting that ‘minorities’ (as black people surely were until relatively recently) have such short memories. You would think they might just stop and think, “Are my attitudes bigoted especially considering my own history of marginalisation and persecution?”.

    1. But black people were never a minority in South Africa, they were controlled by a white minority there under a system of apartheid and dispossession.

  45. James Campbell 16 Apr 2013, 6:12pm

    A cardinal with medical qualifications “Paedophilia is an illness”
    I’m impressed! ….. pity he’s thick as as brick. I AM a doctor and in my opinion homophobia (along with transphobia) is a sign of mental instability.

  46. That’s like saying… “I can’t be accused of racism because I don’t know any darkies”

  47. Spanner1960 17 Apr 2013, 12:25am

    Oh glad we got that straight then.

    I can’t be accused of racism because I don’t know any niggers.

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