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Radio 1 Chart Show will not play full Margaret Thatcher song during official chart show

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Reader comments

  1. ColinJones 12 Apr 2013, 5:22pm

    How many people under 30 even know or care who Thatcher was? I heard today that TV tribute programmes about her have had quite low audiences,thank god when she’s finally buried and it’s all over.

    1. I’m under 30 so are most of my friends. They have all heard about Thatcher they all have opinions about Thatcher. Those of us who did A levels, and thus were forced to do a pointless General Studies A level, studied Thatcher in those awful lessons. Lots of my friends didn’t take A levels and still know quite a bit about Thatcher. Not all of my friends have the same opinion of Thatcher or have had the same reaction to her death

      I read quite a disgusting article about how people under 35 should not be allowed to have an opinion regarding Margaret Thatcher, because we’re all too stupid and feckless to have opinions. It was actually shared on Facebook by my youngest cousin, there were quite a lot of informed and passionate comments by people who were under 30

      I think the tribute programmes have low audiences because people don’t want to watch revisionist history programmes about Margaret Thatcher. Whether you love or loathe Margaret Thatcher I think people find such programming repulsive

      1. Well said Joss.

    2. Hodge Podge 12 Apr 2013, 10:26pm

      I’m 22, Section 28 was only repealed when I was in year 8.

      1. Me too, whether or not a person was alive during thatchers time as prime minister its pretty small minded to assume that we haven’t been affected by it. I come from a mostly working class family from Stoke-on-Trent, which (was) an industrialised area with a coal mine and many pottery factories, my grandparents and parents often tell me that at one that time you could practically walk from one job into the next without so much as an interview because there was so much demand for labour, now the picture is quite the opposite, thankfully I now live in an area now where the prospects are a little better but Stoke I’m afraid has never recovered. Oh and of course section 28, I made the mistake of coming out in high school while there was still no mention of gay people in the curriculum and the teachers didn’t know how to deal with homophobic bullying, the result was that the teachers didn’t deal with the bullying and told me that I was wrong to come out and I was too young to know.

  2. How can we battle hate against LGBT people when we are so quick to deploy it as a weapon against her people? The woman is dead, nothing can be done to change her. What’s left is her family, show a little self-control and allow them to grieve in peace.

    1. Damn auto correct, that should have said “against het people”.

      1. What is a “het” person? “Damn auto correct” and I would like to know.

    2. Leaders who act so badly against whole communities, like she did – and not only the gay community – should be held up for what they did. She had no self control when it came to the lives she destroyed. And to be honest, I don’t think the anti-thatcher voice is being heard as loud as it should be.

      1. Jock S. Trap 13 Apr 2013, 11:02am

        That’s because the anti Thatcher voice is a minority…. not reflective of the whole country. She won 3 general elections because people saw Labour for the ruin they’d left, the unions they’d let ruin our country, bringing down two governments. We vote for parties to run the country not unions.

        Section 28 and the Poll Tax aside, what Maggie did she did to better Britain and as much as I didn’t like the woman I can see now that things would be a damn sight worse without her.

        1. She won three elections with the following percentage of the vote.
          And the anti Thatcher voice is a minority? Only a minority in the minds of the media and you have swallowed the lie.

          She only ever came to power because the opposition was divided. Never because the majority supported her.

        2. That’s your opinion to say that things would be worse without her. Tell it to the people who lives she destroyed with her policies. We have no idea how history would have turned out without her. Hitler had the support of the majority of the German population, so the majority isn’t always right. 50 years ago most people were homophobic and racist, that wasn’t right either.

          Section 28 and Poll Tax aside? What about her friendship with General Pinochet or her calling Nelson Mandela a “terrorist”? I also think that the ardently pro-Thatcher voice is a minority to be honest.

          Thatcherism: selfishness and greed masquerading as hard work and self-reliance.

          1. She didn’t have the majority anyway.

          2. Yes twitless true, but I’m only pointing out that even if she did have the majority of the vote it wouldn’t make her policies any more right or justified.

        3. I’d estimate that about 99.9% of LGBT people are anti thatcher – I’ve not idea where the other 0.1% are coming from?
          I also think that the majority of people in the UK are anti thatcher. I’ve no idea why you think it’s a minority?

          If you think she won 3 general elections because of the ‘ruin’ Labour left. Why did labour then win 3 elections? Because of the mess she left the country in?

          1. colin (London) 13 Apr 2013, 7:52pm

            Mark I’m 52 come from a community she in theory destroyes Motherwell. Steel and mines close by. I come from a council estate. I lived through all of this and it was bad for some communities.
            Today my dad and mum(disabled) and my 4 sisters all own our own homes, got university educations, have good jobs, holidays etc. I’m retired and financially ok hopefully for life.
            My mums family lived on the same estate. They complained and hated the changes and took their redundancy pissing it away down the pub. Some steel workers got 50,000 pounds.
            One family prospered and one family are a benifits family under Thatcher. WHats the difference. I’d humbly suggest my Parents told us our success or failure in life is up to us. I’ in NZ writing this today just got in from london where I live mostly.

            She did not leave the country in a mess her party were tired of her. Look what Blair and Brown have left the country debtwise. Suppose you will blaim them for cutting our costs back to pay off debt.

          2. Colin I consider myself successful, I work, I pay taxes and I thoroughly dislike Thatcher, how does that fit into your worldview? Plenty of the people she screwed over were hardworking people too. I don’t go around boasting though, I just get on with my life and treat people with respect regardless of their background.

    3. And how much self-control did the Iron Lady show towards gay men who died of AIDS? How much did she allow their families and friends to grieve in peace?

      1. Which is exactly why we shouldn’t be doing this. As I said in another comment, we should be better than her. Whatever she may have done, her family don’t deserve this while they’re grieving.

    4. casperthegood 14 Apr 2013, 9:04am

      I had nothing good to say about her when she was alive: why should I change my opinion now

  3. Chester666666 12 Apr 2013, 6:09pm

    Why is this being done yet it’s ok for Moyles to be homophobic on air and affect many via that? This is just hypocrisy

  4. Chester666666 12 Apr 2013, 6:11pm

    How is this being decided yet it’s ok for Moyles to be homophobic?

  5. Well I am sure that anti-Mugabe songs in Zimbabwe are banned; and anti-putin songs in Russia; and songs poking fun at previous Kim Jongs in North Korea; and songs in Iran that celebrate the passing of Ayatollah Khomeini – or take your pick from all the authoritarian regimes around the world. Well done BBC you now belong to new club!

    I did not buy this song as I don’t think it is a good way to protest the Thatcher legacy. But I would bet that Thatcher herself would have been horrified at the BBC behaving like a state broadcaster under the old Soviet Union.

    1. If the BBC had the power to censor other broadcasters your comment mightn’t have been utter drivel. But as all they’re exercising is self-censorship then that’s all your comment is – drivel.

      1. If they’re exercising self-censorship that doesn’t make their behaviour any less disgusting. You don’t know for sure that is the case though do you?

        However if it is the case, why are they exercising this censorship? Is it because they are afraid they might lose the license fee money or have it reduced in the future, if there is a Tory government at renegotiation time? State interference in the BBC is worrying. As worrying as media interference in the government (I’m mostly referring to Murdoch)

        rubisco’s comment was a bit heavy on hyperbole but it was not utter drivel.

      2. We have to pay for the BBC or we go to prison. It IS NOT their place to tell me what I can or cannot listen to.

        Anyone who would be offended knows not to switch it on. Do you really think Mark and Carol Thatcher listen to the BBC chart show?

        The BBC were quite happy to slag off Hugo Chavez the day he died.

        They are so arrogant and full of themselves they think they are our moral guardians. They have never felt the need to explain any other song that entered the charts. They are scared of the tories and the establishment.

        Time to privatise them.

  6. It’s Judy Garland I feel sorry for…a gay icon being dragged into politics…what next? Dame Shirley Bassey being criticised for attending Thatcher’s funeral? Mind you, at least Judy (we love you, Judy) wasn’t Welsh…

    1. You have a problem with Welsh people, obviously.

      How sad.

      1. I was being ironic…my grandmother came from Merthyr Tydfil and lived (suffered) through the 1926 General Strike (soup kitchens)…she was a kind-hearted person and died in 1987 hating only two people: Hitler and Thatcher.

  7. For PN to call this a “divisive campaign” is the type of editorialising that I would expect to see from the BBC and Fleet Street.

    1. It’s not the first time PN has used that phrase, either.

  8. That There Other David 12 Apr 2013, 8:13pm

    I’m so utterly sick of hearing about reactions to Thatcher’s death from both sides of the argument I’m starting to wish she’d been immortal.

    Can’t we declare this site a MT free zone?

  9. The BBC is the problem here.

    There is a reason why the BBC has never made Stonewalls equality index, yet ITV has for years.

  10. Christopher Hobe Morrison 13 Apr 2013, 4:11am

    Who cares whether they play it or not? The fact is that the song got that high in the charts, and they could just play it and pretend it had nothing to do with Thatcher. Not playing it just makes the message stronger. I had a certain amount of respect for the Iron Maiden, but I too remember people running around singing this song in pure joy when she got kicked out.

  11. The BBC is also biased against gay people, no news reports that France has enacted Same-Sex Marriage.

    1. It’s one of the main stories in the Europe section of their website.

  12. Jock S. Trap 13 Apr 2013, 10:57am

    Think even Maggie wouldn’t have been bothered by this and would be horrified about this song being censored in her name.

    But at least she’s got all doing what She wanted…. all talking about her, debating about her. Guess that makes for a World leading Prime Minister. Her legacy is set.

    1. People are still talking about genocidal dictators too, it doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.

      I love the way her supporters attempt to turn things around.

  13. Well I for one will be blasting it on a loop on the day – lets see them sensor us in our own homes –

    Thatcher Dead – Good riddens

  14. colin (London) 13 Apr 2013, 8:00pm

    I am a gay man and agree she did nothing for our commumity.

    However I am ashamed to be linked to a group who would want this pitiful rubbish acted upon… Gay trash in my opinion.

    She is undesputidely a world leader and the Britain I know know this and will celebrate her life.

    She made mistakes as well don’t we all.

    1. Yes her apologising for mass murderers like Pinochet or Surhato, those were only mistakes, we must forgive the poor dear. No, she willingly and calculatingly made decisions that were downright appalling (to say the very least). By all means feel ashamed with those of us who don’t fawn over an amoral mean-spirited woman, I’m sure I’ll be able to live with myself.

    2. you pathetic excuse for a man

  15. nixiotemba 13 Apr 2013, 8:56pm

    BBC shows her true colours agsin

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