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London: Stonewall celebrity dinner raises £394,000

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Reader comments

  1. Stonewall are a bunch of Transphobic bigots

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Apr 2013, 5:04pm

    Homophobia and bullying will never be eradicated. It might diminish but it’s never going away. No amount of money can ever do that.

    I was hoping Stonewall were mobilising a campaign aimed at the Lords regarding the Equal Marriage marriage bill. I’m convinced introducing EM will contribute to a dimunition of homophobia and bullying.

    1. Neither will racism, but I’m sure you agree it’s still worth trying to combat it as much as possible, whenever possible?

  3. I’m sure it is all very worthy and the money will help Stonewall do some great things but…

    Stonewall, as a brand, is dead to me. Too many “mistakes” and too much spin. I just cannot even bring myself to be pleased for them.

  4. Does this mean that 500 people donated £394,000 between them? That would be an average of £788 each. They’re expensive tickets to watch Christopher Biggins do a raffle. And then imagine winning ‘tea with Tony Blair’ – what a downer. :/

    1. factsandfigures 12 Apr 2013, 7:08pm

      Not on an average of lets say “The Speaker’s salary is £141,504 (including MP’s salary of £65,738)”.

  5. I do hope that not one penny will go towards telling kids that you can call your trans friends “trannies”, celebrating bigoted people like Julie Bindel or Bill Leckie, or refusing to support things that 98% of the LGBT community do because it wouldn’t be good for their shareholders.

  6. Embarrassing bodies is the most exploitative programme on tv the good doctor should be ashamed

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