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Green MP Caroline Lucas: ‘People in Brighton remember Thatcher’s opposition to gay rights’

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Reader comments

  1. Good for her.

    Althiough the real star of that Commons debate was Glenda Jackson.

    She obliterated Thatcher’s disgusting policies without being disrespectful.

    1. However quite a lot of MPs where quite vocally disrespectful of Glenda Jackson. I heard one MP say, “I can’t listen to this!” (or something similar), in a really over the top camp manner that made me laugh and cringe at the same time.

      1. Glenda’s won 2 Oscars.

        She could handle the abuse from those rich, old, obese Tories.

        She loved it. It gave her such a stage.

        1. Yeah it didn’t put her off, she’s Queen Elizabeth ;)

    2. I agree with you, Glenda Jackson was brilliant. The speaker afterwards, standing up for her was brilliant as well.

    3. For those who haven’t seen it, watch Glenda Jackson’s splendid speaking the truth at the following link . . . and make sure you see right to the end to observe the Tory who then rose to object to Glenda’s speech but got put firmly in his place by the Speaker!

  2. Chester666666 12 Apr 2013, 5:54pm

    Why or how can the tory ignore what affected the people in Brighton?

  3. . . . and the people of Brighton and Hove will remember more the homophobic Green Party Cllr . . . the lack of provision for cyclists within the city . . . the increase in bus charges . . . the decrease in footfall for local businesses . . .

    Thatcher is now resigned to the past . . . a Green controlled council is ruining businesses and lives now . . .

    1. Oh . . . and the increase in parking charges . . .

    2. The homophobic Green councillor was expelled because of her views and is now an independent.

      1. She wasn’t from the party though . . . she’s still a member.

  4. Brilliant, she’s my favourite MP.

  5. Jock S. Trap 13 Apr 2013, 10:53am

    ““She may have been Britain’s first female prime minister, but Thatcher did little for women either inside or outside the House of Commons.”

    She wasn’t there to do anything for women, she was their to run a union ruined country and turned it into a country of progress which she did.

    1. She destroyed countless lives in the process. I suppose the fact that she supported Pinochet and put section 28 means nothing to you. I’m sick of the media fawning over this vile woman already, I can’t wait for Wednesday to be over so this media wankfest finally ends.

    2. No, no, no, Jock, I’ve told you before! Thatcher was only there to revel in playing Thatcher! To get to pretend that she was a Queen traipsing around in pearls and ermine!

      Enjoy the following account, so eloquently and amusingly told!

  6. Do people actually realise that thatcher voted to de-criminalise homosexuality?!

    1. Matt, voting simply to de-criminalise homosexuality, i.e. to simply remove our criminal status AND DO NO MORE THAN THAT, hardly balances Thatcher’s absolute determination and success in introducing a measure which encouraged the relegating of every homosexual person in this country to the lowest tier of society. Section 28.

      We need to view all things in perspective.

  7. Well said, Caroline, but I would have preferred it if you had stood up boldly and said all of this during the debate, just as Glenda Jackson chose to speak and insisted on speaking HER mind for the record.

  8. Stuart (Hove) 15 Apr 2013, 2:20pm

    Whatever Margart Thatcher did or didn’t do, her time is over, The rubbish Green Party with the support of Green MP Caroline Lucas are doing more to ruin this City than anyone else ever did.
    Amongst their crackpot schemes of traffic calming, installing dangerous cycle lanes, exorbitant parking charges, the list goes on and on read~
    Note the support reported in todays newspapers from Caroline Lucas for the lastest hairbrained scheme of the ‘green’ council. Drug addicts may be given ‘safe rooms’ where they can inject themselves with crack cocaine and heroin in controversial plan by Brighton council.
    This city has degenerated from a pleasant place to live when I moved here 26 years ago, to a rundown dump.

    Read more:

    1. I might have considered your comment if you had not linked to the Daily Mail.

      1. Stuart (Hove) 17 Apr 2013, 11:00pm

        Also reported in the Telegraph Jen and again on TV News South Today.
        However if you must react like an internet ‘troll’ feel free.

      2. Stuart (Hove) 17 Apr 2013, 11:06pm

        I might also add that for the past 26 years I have been a Council Tax Rate Payer, so am funding this unpleasantness whether I agree to it or not. How about you??

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