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Video: Gay son of leading ‘conversion therapist’ talks about coming out to him

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Reader comments

  1. Garry Cassell 11 Apr 2013, 4:38pm


  2. “He was angry, but he certainly wasn’t surprised and angry, and he was kind of a little surprised.”

    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

    1. “King illegal forest to pig wild kill in it a is!”
      Sheriff of Rottingham: Robin Hood. Men in Tights.

    2. Klaatu barada nikto !

  3. Peculiar, but most interesting.

  4. That’s the US for you. I read a lot about it; I visit it; I love it; I speak the same language as they do, but my God I’m nowhere near understanding it. And stop going to therapy!

  5. This is an amazing story. Having suffered under ex-gay reparative therapy myself, I found it fascinating that one of the main architects of this theory had a gay son!

    1. It is both interesting and sad! That although his father at first reacted angrily, but came to a loving acceptance of his son… but! failed to recognize he needed to accept what he was doing was damaging to other people he couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to cure.

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