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US: Washington state sues florist for refusing to provide service for same-sex wedding

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Reader comments

  1. shoryotombo 11 Apr 2013, 2:51am

    Where in the bible does it said anything about marriage between one man and one woman? All I saw was rape and incesting and multiple wives etc. Sue this bitch! See if your jesus will help you now!

  2. Constantly, we are told that for all its mistakes and imperfections, religion *at least* gives people a sense of morality. Articles like this on a daily basis and empirical evidence from both today and throughout history shows only the opposite: that it causes people to act with less love and kindness and gives a basis for stupidity.

    It’s a shame that she’s being sued for such a small amount. Hopefully the negative publicity will drive down sales, as it did with the Bulls’ inn.

  3. So for 10 years even though she knew Robert Ingersoll and Curt Freed were gay, she was happy to do business and take their money without prejudice… but then when they asked her to do their wedding flowers she invoked the “I believe in Jesus” as her get our of jail card!

    It won’t wash! if she broke the law let her fight it!The fine will be pocket change compared to what she will pay in legal fee’s for her principals.

    Now TACLU have weighed in with a second lawsuit… she’s going to have to sell lots of flowers to pay legal fee’s. At the same time she has to gamble that she hasn’t angered any other LGBT customers or their friends and supporters who have already decided to take their business elsewhere regardless!

  4. Jonathan Wright 11 Apr 2013, 7:26am

    “this is about the law… There is not an ‘I believe in Jesus so the laws don’t apply to me’ exemption.”

    I like that comment. But at the heart of it, this is what this is about. Those from religious background unable to follow the law of a secular society. Religion: Private. Business: Public. Two very different things.

  5. I am glad that this action is being taken.

    I worry though that if she get a judge who is a religious one she may get away with it. Keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn’t.

  6. Oh right, because of course Jesus Christ told you not to provide flowers (flowers, for pity’s sake!) to people because of their sexuality. I wonder where it’s reported He gave those instructions.

    Very good to see the Washington State taking a firm stance on the matter.

  7. Attack of the Theocrats 11 Apr 2013, 11:07am

    In the US, even today, there are people who, because of their beliefs, are illegally refusing to provide services to mixed race couples who want to marry:

    When personal beliefs turn into anti-social behaviour, the State acts. When those beliefs are claimed to be based on religion, are individuals then entitled to act in a harmful and antisocial way?

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Apr 2013, 1:47pm

    This is very similar to the arguments put forward by Loughton and Burrowes in the equal marriage committee hearings. They wanted a blanket of protection for everyone with religious beliefs in opposition to gay people and equal marriage.

    Well, in this case, so called ‘christian’ owned businesses which operate in the public sector must also agree that gay businesses must also be allowed to discriminate against them to level the field. Fair is far after all. Of course, they’d never agree to that would they? She won’t win. It’s not a church, a faith based business or affiliate of any religious cult to get away with it. Stupid woman.

  9. Good! Hit ’em where it hurts! A swift kick to the wallet has an uncanny knack of focussing the mind and sending ‘deeply-held religious views’ flying right out of the window.

  10. Tom Cotner 11 Apr 2013, 2:55pm

    It has nothing to do with the bible or any religion. It has to do with out and out bigotry, no matter what she says about “some of my best friends are gay”, to take another bigoted phrase out of context.
    This sort of thing went out when the Woolworth lunch counters were desegregated — and that was a long long time ago.
    Wake up and smell the coffee!

  11. For any of you not familiar with our lovely state, we here in the western half – the part with all of the money and political power, do not approve of any of the goings on in the eastern half. We’d like nothing to do with them, thanks.

    The eastern half of WA is a bunch of farmland, a few used car dealerships and bible banging inbreeding.

    Luckily the Mexican immigrants are kind enough to be moving there and gentrifying the joint.

    We’re still petitioning to make eastern WA a part of Idaho.

  12. Leigh Hamilton 11 Apr 2013, 4:20pm

    To be fair, the name was kind of a giveaway. Arleeeeene.

  13. In the so called practice of her religion, perhaps this woman should become better acquainted with her Bible.

    In the book of Mark, chapter twelve, verse seventeen, it clearly says, And Jesus answering them said unto them, render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.

    That shop is Caesar’s arena, and she’s putting her head in the lion’s mouth if she thinks Caesar will give her a free pass from rendering just due.

  14. douglas in canada 11 Apr 2013, 6:05pm

    Wouldn’t you love to have a business where you could ask “are you a Christian?” and if the answer comes back “yes,” you could ask them to leave because you don’t serve their kind.

    You could tell the disappointed customer that “I have a personal relationship with Reason, that doesn’t allow me to serve superstitious fools!”

    I wish…….

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