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US radio host: ‘Homo Fascists’ will soon force homophobes to wear symbols like the Nazis forced Jews

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Reader comments

  1. Conveniently forgetting that the Nazis tattooed gay men with pink triangles.
    Ignorant piece of shite!!

    1. Well said – why do I get the feeling that if he had been alive then, he would have participated in rounding up Jews as well?

    2. He also conveniently omits to say that ‘christo-fascists’ have been demonising and branding gays as ‘abominations’ for years! Well, Bryan, what’s good for the goose ….
      Personally, if I were a believer in conspiracy theories, I would be convinced people like Fischer are funded by the GAY lobby. After all, he does more to discredit the christian Taliban than any gay campaigner ever could. So, Bry, keep up the good work :)

    3. Poor little homophobes, innocent victims of those horrible gays!

    4. Spanner1960 12 Apr 2013, 1:57pm

      Forget the tattoos.
      It is thought up to 9,000 gay men died in the camps, and many more were imprisoned.

      1. good point Spanner – but that figure only goes on known homosexuals – many thousands more were shot, mutilated or raped.

  2. Liam the God 11 Apr 2013, 10:33pm

    I think this man needs to lay of the Cocaine, seriously! His paranoid delusions make him a contender for “I Need Rehab, Get Me In There QUICK!”!!

    1. About Bryan Fischer I don’t know, but I’ve already read that Fred Phelps is addicted to barbiturates and is a recovering alcoholic, addictions he adquired around the time he was in law school.

  3. That There Other David 11 Apr 2013, 10:33pm

    Is there an equivalent of Godwin’s Law for radio shows?

  4. What a good idea Bryan;-)

    1. But he doesn’t get to chose the sign

  5. Liam the God 11 Apr 2013, 10:37pm

    Plus the fact this bloke would probably have been shovelling Jewish people onto the Cattle-Trucks, and genuinely believing he was “Doing The Lords Work!”. If it looks like a Nazi, and speaks like a Nazi…..

    1. …it could be a Nazi but also could be a fundamentalist Christian. We never know.

      1. At times, hard to tell the difference!

  6. Teresa Thomas 11 Apr 2013, 10:45pm

    I am running out of comments every time I see or hear something stupid coming out from a bigot. The things they say are getting more and more stupid by the day. It’s sad we are still having to debate this.

    1. I on the other hand find some of their mentally ill ramblings hilarious, specially when they are original.

  7. Really, we’re going to force them? I’d be interested to learn how. It would be nice to have a handy way to identify bigots, but usually they open their dumb@$$ mouths and spew hatred anyway which makes it easier to spot a mile off. However I reckon many gays wouldn’t wanna touch such people with a bargepole to attach these badges of dishonour!

    1. douglas in canada 12 Apr 2013, 3:11am

      Exactly!! Who needs to give them badges to wear? The minute they open their mouths, you know they’re homophobic bigots.

      They are already wearing that badge of dishonor.

    2. THAT.

      He also said, “I don’t know what the symbol would be—we’ll have to think about that.” If you’re going to be forced to wear a badge, you don’t get to choose what it looks like, pal.

      Methinks they’re already wearing badges; those little fishies and crosses do just fine.

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Apr 2013, 10:49pm

    Welcome to our world, bigot christo- fascist! Always playing the bloody victim card when they can’t get their way, knowing they are losing the culture war with equal marriage. Yet, nobody from the mainstream religious cults would ever dare repudiate them.

    We have our own share of these nutters in the Tory party.

  9. Somebody hasn’t been taking their medication again…

    1. jamestoronto 12 Apr 2013, 4:21am

      Or overdosing on them!!!

  10. Hehe, keep going with the good stuff. We from the LGBT community need more crazy people like you on our side.

  11. David in Indianapolis 11 Apr 2013, 11:10pm

    “But we’re getting to the point where these homo fascists are going to force us to wear on our sleeve some kind of identifying marker so people will know who the racists and homophobes and the bigots are, so people can get away from them.”



    So he ADMITS he’s a racist, a homophobe and a bigot. That’s good! The rest of what he said is utter bullshit and complete mental delusion.

    1. ha ha… Har Har… HAW HAW HAW :D

    2. Why he thinks a sign is needed is beyond me. The minute he and his like open their mouths, it’s obvious.

  12. Incredibly offensive: the Nazis murdered most of my family, and now this moron compares me to the Nazis.

  13. “…I don’t know what the symbol would be—we’ll have to think about that. …”

    -we- will have to think about that?

    Is he thinking of wearing a symbol on his clothing when nobody demands him to?

    1. “…I don’t know what the symbol would be—we’ll have to think about that. …”

      In this part he reminded me of a hilarious video I saw once on Youtube of Glenn Beck (because I refuse to believe he is nothing but a satirist stand-up comedian) where he sculpted a beautiful and well crafted conspiracy theory but ended the rambling vaguely with a “the Muslims and the Chinese, or whoever are them”. I mean, if you want to be a crazy man at least finish your lunatic ramblings with certainty !! If you know you are going to have to use a symbol at least come up with the symbol already !! Even David Icke is sure it is reptilian humanoids that secretly control the world, not amphibian humanoids or avian humanoids or whatever, he will have to think about that. I want my crazy conspiracy theories to be complete or I am asking my money back !

    2. I thought they had at least 2 symbols already. The cross and the fish. All you need to identify a homophobe or a bigot.

      1. I thought we’d already implimented this policy with the American Family Association lapel badge, or belonging to almost any US lobby group with the word “Family” in the name.
        What, you’re saying that wasn’t us?

  14. Don’t they already demand the ‘right’ to wear a cross? No forcing is needed…

  15. James Savik 12 Apr 2013, 12:46am

    You’re not looking so good Bryan. Maybe you’ve got ASS CANCER you fuktard.

  16. Every time I hear something like this I always think that surely no one can say anything more ignorant, bigoted and downright stupid than this but it always happens.

    Though clearly know they’re losing, especially when they start seeing oppression everywhere. Reminds me of the Christian Institute… now there’s a fun bunch…

  17. The most disgusting thing about this man and those like him, its not as much what they are saying (bad as it is) but the fact they still have employment on the airwaves, and an audience.

    I know we have all heard the argument over free speech, even if at times it is hate speech. It would be nice if there was a federal body to get these people/stations of the air! Sadly I have to realize any authority would become powerless under the arguments of the constitution or the courts.

    1. RoughRugger 12 Apr 2013, 3:29pm

      It’s kinda giving him more credit than is due to say he’s “on the air”…his “broadcast” is essentially a webcast on the AFA’s website. It’s only carried on a few dozen actual radio stations, mostly in small towns.

  18. I think this guy wants to be martyred why else would he say such inflammatory crap?

  19. Bryan Fischer stands at the end of a long line of Christian scapegoating liars, attempting to cast Christians as victims. He stands in the same hysterical tradition as John Chrysostom in the 4th century, who first coined the term “Christ-killers” against the Jews, connecting a direct line to the Nazis, who read Chrysostom’s writings to German Christians in order to turn them against the Jews- the same Nazis who sent thousands of gays to the ovens. This is the John Chrysostom who called homosexuals of his day worse than murderers, setting the stage for those who followed. Christianity in the hands of Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and Evangelicals like Fischer is an historically toxic and disgraced religion.

    1. Enlightening historical insight, Joseph.

      Chrysostom was a bitter-skinflint-delusional-spewing poison, self-loathing old man.

      Father of the church, my ass.

    2. Chrysostom loosely translates as “golden-mouthed” – the 4th century equivalent of a bullshit artist. Given how damaging and long-lasting his utterances have proven to be, he should be called “Skatastoma”.

  20. douglas in canada 12 Apr 2013, 3:16am

    Hmm, I thought their god was all powerful. I guess he’s not. Otherwise he would have taken care of all this crap.

    It sounds like the christians know their ship is sinking, but they’re putting on a brave face. Too bad that “commitment to a cause” can still leave you looking like a dumb a$$hole because you’ve committed to something that has no merit.

    1. God is dealing with the crap. They keep loosing on a daily basis and it is literally driving them crazy.

  21. I don’t know, it’s not a bad idea, and since he came up with it….

    Maybe just h8tr so it could be used for bigotry of a variety of kinds.


  22. It doesn’t make sense, total bullshit. Nazis also gave pink triangle to recruit homosexuals to concentration camps! They did same genocide to gays too… very stupid historical issue you made example to criticize lgbt people’s equality!

  23. GingerlyColors 12 Apr 2013, 6:39am

    Now that you have put that idea into peoples’ heads, Bryan Fischer, perhaps it would be a good thing if we can identify homophobes without having to wait for them to spew their bile.

    1. Liam the God 12 Apr 2013, 1:55pm

      I suggest having them branded on the forehead with the letter B.

  24. Where do they dig up these nutters from?

  25. There’s a serious point to note in all this increased hysteria among the anti-gay lobby groups and evangelical wingnuts. They can see that they are losing the argument and losing the battle politically.

    So they are becoming even more unbalanced and absurd – but also some are worried about how history will view them. They will be in the same category as the racists and white supremacists who opposed mixed marriage or opposed the removal of segregation.

    Frankly I am worried that as these groups shrink and become even more unhinged some of them will resort to lunatic behaviour too.

    1. Sorry, your comment hadn’t come up yet for me when I added mine – didn’t mean to echo you.

  26. This increased level of crazy emanating from these people is evidence of how desperate they are getting.

    They are losing. And they know it.

  27. Once again, this man’s OBSESSION with homosexuality is frightening. He is so full of self-loathing that he obviously can think of nothing else. He should get help before he does something really bad.

  28. When these people start using Godwin’s Law, they know that they are losing the fight against common sense and decency

  29. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy. send for the men in white coats.

  30. Susane Timothy 12 Apr 2013, 9:16am

    Do people like him truly believe what they say, or is it all really a surreal joke?
    Surely one day his audience will realise what a lot of nonsense they’ve been listening to.

  31. Jock S. Trap 12 Apr 2013, 10:09am


    Not only dangerous but completely disrespectful of all those who were persecuted and murdered by the Nazis.

    In any case why would they need to be ‘labelled’ when they have a mouth that refuses to stop spewing hatred.

    These people promote violence via homophobia and those people responsible really should be treated like criminals.

    Yet again a religious nut uses reverse psychology to accuse all others of the Very thing they are doing themselves.

    For too long the extremists have been very much like nazis. Let’s not forget history shows, they we’re Exactly like nazis…. then they wonder why we don’t trust them.

  32. Well at least he realises he is a bigot and a homophobe. I vote we just cover them in stripper glitter.

  33. If this asshole’s ludicrous delusion were somehow to become reality he himself would be covered from head to toe in said symbol.

    There are many, many hateful homophobes out there but I believe this man to be one of the very worst.

  34. To this twat, all I can say is “Wow, you’re really, well and truly an idiot.”

  35. That’s silly. There’s no reason to make homophobes wear badges. They already have their own talkshows. Hell, in the US they have an entire tv network called FOX. According to Forbes (, “Results showed that viewers of Sunday morning news shows were the most informed about current events, while Fox News viewers were the least informed. In fact, FDU poll results showed they were even less informed than those who say they don’t watch any news at all.”

    It’s nearly a perfect storm. The Conservatives’ support of keeping assault weapons, inhibiting background checks, and preventing basic human rights makes them look more and more like the bigoted terrorists the world hates. Not very Christian is it?

    Add to that their pleasure in reduce funding to schools and keeping good health only for the wealthy, and it makes you wonder who would want to be associated with such people. Oh yea, 45% of the US. Kinda scares the shit outta ya, don’t it?

  36. Helge Vladimir Tiller 12 Apr 2013, 1:10pm

    B. F. ; Yet another disgrace to humanity.

  37. P.O.R.T.A.L 12 Apr 2013, 1:41pm

    Your god isn’t above the government

    Kneel to The Law!

    People Opposing Religons avoiding the Law

  38. P.O.R.T.A.L 12 Apr 2013, 1:51pm

    Religion shouldn’t be above the government

    Kneel to the Law!

    People Opposing Religion Avoiding the Law

  39. P.O.R.T.A.L 12 Apr 2013, 1:53pm

    Religion shouldn’t be above the government and their leaders should be tried for their crimes.

    Kneel to the Law!

    People Opposing Religion Avoiding the Law

  40. Don’t discount this crackpot’s message – he has a huge audience of frightened little old (white) grannies and grandpas who believe his hate speech is gospel. All it takes is for one deranged listener to start killing the gays before the gays send christians off to concentration camps!

    Here’s an interesting link to a National Public Radio (NPR) interview transcript from last summer’s attack on Romney’s openly gay national security spokesman, including this quote:

    “Within hours, Grenell was being attacked by a Christian radio talk show host named Bryan Fischer, whose Focal Point call-in show reaches more than 1 MILLION listeners a day.”

    And of course, those frightened seniors keep sending in their hard-earned dollars to support Fischer’s crusade to protect christians…

    1. Maybe granny and grandpa have too much money and need to have their medicare and Social Security cut back, especially if they are sending it in to this lot of misanthropes.

      1. Great – let’s fight homophobia with ageism!
        By cutting medicare and Social Security you will be cutting aid to some of our allies and not just the homophobes.

        You also ignore that homophobia knows no age limit. It wasn’t white haired grannies and grandpas who pistol whipped Matthew Shepard and then tied him to a fence rail and left him to die. Remember that.

  41. I almost spit my coffee all over the keyboard after I reading this,I was laughing so hard.

    Personally, I wouldn’t waste any of my time, reacting to his blather. Every new pronouncement from his rabid mouth drives more and more young people, and I don’t mean just gays, away from these so called organized “religions”. If anything, we’re watching him add another log to his figurative funeral pyre.

    Yes, in the future, people like him will be branded with a symbol of their difference, but it will be their own irrationality. However, he does make a point. I think the proper symbol should be a frill around the neck and a fool’s cap. Suitable, don’t you think? LOL.

    1. Even today people are already branded with a symbol of their irrationality and madness, it’s called a straightjacket. You know, like in the future when all religious fanaticism will be finally considered a mental disease and people like Fischer are held on straightjackets and confined to places where their psychotic delusions won’t harm anyone anymore.

  42. RoughRugger 12 Apr 2013, 3:58pm

    Why would we need homophobes to wear something? Five words out of their mouths & it’s pretty obvious what they are…

  43. Kind of pathetic for a far-right Christian to say this when it was, in fact, medieval Christendom which first forced Jewish people to wear yellow badges, hats and special clothing in order to identify and often humiliate us. When the enlightenment came this started to die out, but in some places it wasn’t until the early 19th century that Jewish people were officially allowed to dump the yellow badges and live outside ghettos. When the Nazis came to power they deliberately copied the medieval Christian church by re-introducing ghettos and badges. Christians gave the Nazis the whole idea of forcing Jewish people to wear identifying badges, along with gay people and the many other groups of people of whom the Nazis hated. Fischer, amongst other things, obviously needs a history lesson.

    1. Liam the God 12 Apr 2013, 11:24pm

      I think the first to force Jews to wear the Yellow Star was Edward I of England, after he’d “Borrowed” a lot of money from them. He also expelled the remaining Jews from the country after murdering many. Oddly enough it was a REAL Religious Zealot, Oliver Cromwell, that allowed the Jews to return!

  44. What a bloody idiot…

    Cleary hasn’t got a bloody clue that gay men were forced to wear armbands too…


  45. …and nobody needs to get homophobes to wear an armband; they already proudly wear their bigotry on their sleeve anyway…

  46. Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it. Bryan Fischer apparently never learned history and never quite grasped the tyranny of the few over the many that occurred during the Nazi regime. I would suggest he shut his mouth and open his mind with a little light reading and possibly a visit to a Holocaust Museum and do a little learning first!

  47. well at least he has admitted that he is homophobic.

  48. His comments seemed incredibly bizarre – until I remembered the psychological concept of projection. In projection, a person unconsciously rejects his or her own unacceptable attributes by ascribing them to objects or persons in the outside world instead.
    So what Bryan Fischer is inadvertently saying is that he wishes he could make homosexuals wear identifying marks on their sleeves so he can avoid them.
    Or know which ones to solicit in the john/loo…

  49. Amazing how the real facists can call LGBT people who are tired of the heterofacism and demanding for their rights not to be trampled on “facism”. It’s not big government to say the government cannot deny rights to one group while allowing another to have those special rights! So backwards!

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