Anti-gay campaigner and radio host Bryan Fischer has claimed that ‘homo fascists’ are likely to soon force homophobes to wear symbols on their sleeve, just like the Nazis forced Jews to wear a yellow Star of David symbol during the Holocaust.

Mr Fischer was speaking on Focal Point on American Family Radio, said: “Remember when the Jews in Nazi Germany, they had to wear a yellow Star of David on their sleeve? I

“I mean, we’re getting to the point now where that’s what they’re going to make us do. I don’t know what the symbol would be—we’ll have to think about that.

“But we’re getting to the point where these homo fascists are going to force us to wear on our sleeve some kind of identifying marker so people will know who the racists and homophobes and the bigots are, so people can get away from them.”

As well as forcing Jews to wear a yellow Star of David, the Nazis forced gay men to wear a pink triangle within concentration camps.

Fischer last week attacked Fox News host Bill O’Reilly for recent comments during which he said Christians needed to do more than just “thump the bible” to win the equal marriage debate.

Last week, Fox News hosts Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kellty spoke on the O’Reilly Factor, and said that those in favour of equal marriage had a “compelling argument”, and said that opponents to it had not come up with strong enough arguments against it.

In their discussion they mentioned Tony Perkins, the president of the anti-gay Family Research Council who previously claimed that the US Supreme Court ruling in favour of equal marriage could lead to “revolution”.