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US: Montana House votes to repeal unconstitutional sodomy law

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Reader comments

  1. It’s sickening to think that sodomy is criminalised in somewhere like the US. You’d expect that sort of thing in somewhere like Qatar or Iran. That we’re still only at this point is an insult to human dignity.

    1. Sodomy isn’t criminalized in the U.S. The law they’re repealing was struck down by the courts years ago. When a law is struck down it’s null and void and can’t be enforced, but it technically stays on the books until legislators get around to repealing it. Having laws that are illegal to enforce is weird, but it’s the way our system works.

      1. I suspect for that reason it hasn’t been much of a priority to get those defunct laws off of states’ books. But it’s still insane such a large amount of congressmen voted against repeal.

      2. What a weird situation – thanks for explaining it.

  2. It’s amazing. ‘Sodomy’ a totally religously-inspired crime, is STILL on the stature ANYWHERE! Think how much more advanced the world would be in terms of social acceptance … and love …. had our forfathers not had to endure organised brain-washing? How much blood is on the hands of those who have run religions .. purely for their own ends? It’s time to find an alternative to the divisive, hate-mongering, uncharitable organised religions of the world.

  3. Liam the God 11 Apr 2013, 3:05pm

    Doesn’t their definition of Sodomy also include ORAL sex? I should think not being able to get a blow job would be enough reason for ANY straight man to repeal the law! A lot of Women will be really pissed off! “Honey, you remember you said you didn’t wnat to suck my dick because of the law? Well it’s been repealed! I’ll get the strawberry sauce!”
    *erm, TAXI!!*

  4. USA – the land of the free…my ass!!

    1. The other half of “Land of the Free” that many people outside the United States don’t know, which annoys me when people sarcastically judge the U.S. is …………… “freedom is not free” ……… you have to fight for it. Duh teach your ass something. :)

  5. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 12 Apr 2013, 2:31pm

    Long overdue!

    The 3 states of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas still have anti- homosexual or anti-sodomy laws still left on their books also!

    19 states still have both oral sex and anal sex banned for everyone, left on there books as well and 2 of those states also right now allows same sex marriages – they are both Massachusetts and Maryland!

    I am not joking, it is true as the sky is blue – both Massachusetts and Maryland have not repealed there sodomy laws af of yet too – which is both very shocking and surprising indeed!

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