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Uruguay votes to make same-sex marriage legal nationwide

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 11 Apr 2013, 8:26am

    Excellent!! So pleased to hear this.

    Come on Britain we’re 13 countries behind!

    Get ya finger out and get sorting!!

  2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 11 Apr 2013, 8:37am

    LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY !!! And “VIDUNDERLIG” in Norwegian !

  3. Uraguay has joined the 21st century enlightened and progressive nations club!
    Congratulations to Uraguay and its people!

  4. Well done Uruguay — now come on UK.

  5. That There Other David 11 Apr 2013, 11:59am

    Wonderful news. Congratulations to the people of Uruguay.

    Could be one amazing week if the French Senate vote as expected tomorrow, and with New Zealand now hot on their heels the UK is beginning to look like we’re dragging our feet.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Apr 2013, 12:31pm

    Well done, Uruguay? Now lets see if it’s covered in the right wing media and BBC.

    Take note, Tory bigots Loughton and Burrowes and all the other homophobic hate-mongers, especially in the Lords. Two countries in one week. Amazing!

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Apr 2013, 12:51pm

    And last night, France approved the adoption amendment so it looks as though France will be the 13th country this week. Suck on that catholic cult and all of the hate-mongers in France and the UK.

  8. ¡Enhorabuena y felicidades Uruguay!

  9. Fantastic news! Makes our whining, hand-wringing, homophobic politicians look at little backward, don’t you think?

  10. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Apr 2013, 5:43pm

    Watch it live as Uruguay approves and passes equal marriage.

  11. Viva URUGUAY! Next, France, New Zealand, or Grear Britain? …. I wish my country the Philippines will lead same sex marriage in the East but the Catholic Church has some unyielding powers over the govt. But I’m for my fellow LGBT Uruguayans! More power

    Greetings from Kentucky, USA

    1. I am from Kentucky, USA as well and our Legislature has not ever passed one LGBT friendly law (such as any form of discrimination, hate crime or relationship recognition)!!!!!

      Kentucky, the land of the DON’T SAY GAY BILL!

  12. Che MAgdango 11 Apr 2013, 7:34pm

    Vietnam, Nepal, and Taiwan might be ahead of the Philippines in Asia but we will see… The Philippines is predominantly Catholic and most of them are rebels against the church. RCC is a formidable force in Philippine politics, remember the Philippines is now the only country in the world with NO DIVORCE! Goodluck to all gay Filipinos.

  13. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 12 Apr 2013, 2:58pm

    Well done Uruguay, Columbia will be next for South America – along with more and more states to allow SSMs in both Brazil and Mexico to follow!!!!!!

    What a joke Australia is (both politically and socially), you know Australia is way behind and on another planet when you have both South Africa and Columbia ahead on LGBT rights – such as marriage equality!!!!!

    1. Sorry to reain in your parade, but Colombia won’t be next, there’s a harsh opposition at the moment. But we cross our fingers. BTW, I’m colombian

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